This Week: June 6, 2018

Knowledge Work vs Information Work:

I’m a piece of Robotic Software Automation right now and wanted to clarify the distinction between “information workers” and “knowledge workers.” I really like this simple distinction:

An information worker is akin to workers hired to manually go through and pick tomatoes. The crop by itself has value, but the value can be increased substantially when a knowledge worker combines a variety of resources along with their skills to produce something more valuable.

The Rights of Artificial Intelligence:

Joanna Bryson offers some sound thinking on the ethics of extending rights to robots and AI as well as clones. Her bottom line is that we shouldn’t allow the replication of human consciousness through cloning or uploading. Also, we should not build the kind of AI that would require us to protect its rights:

This video generated an interesting discussion on Google+ regarding the critical attributes of life and consciousness.

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