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PageLines- Gideon-Large.jpgWelcome to the Vital Edge, an exploration of the human experience in the emerging era of machine intelligence.

I am Gideon Rosenblatt, and even though I share my work in a variety of other places, this website is the primary location for my writing.

The Vital Edge focuses on the intersection between people, technology, and organizations. Changes are happening today within this triad that are beyond historical in their importance. By “beyond historical,” what I mean is that those of us alive today will be witness to a transformation unlike anything in human history. We are seeing the emergence of a new form of planetary intelligence.

The origins of this new intelligence reside in the nexus of today’s people, technology, and organizations. Sure, people write the code that is embedded in technology. What’s less obvious is that people also create the code that’s embedded in our organizations. By this, I mean the strategies, the operating rules and the overall cultural assumptions of the organization. It is this organizational coding that has a far, far bigger impact than the software coding behind any particular application or service. This “code beneath the code” is the contextual container that shapes all technology. What’s more, as machine learning automates software development, human coding will give way to organizational coding — the goals and objectives baked into the organization itself.

The code beneath the code won’t just shape the future of intelligence on this planet. The impact that today’s organizations already have on the human experience is nothing compared to what is to come. Organizations and technologies are fusing, and whatever it is that they eventually become will profoundly shape our economic reality, the future of work and the very nature of the human subjective experience.

This website features a seemingly incongruous combination of writings about the future of technology and the need for us to reform human organizations. The reason for this pairing is that I believe that today’s organizations are the seedbed from which the future of planetary intelligence now grows. It is my belief that our single greatest point of leverage for ensuring a positive future for humanity and the planet rests with the “code beneath the code” of today’s organizations.


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  1. Bring it on Gideon — let’s see how much momentum you can build!!

  2. I do not know what I am commenting. But sometimes after that when I see, in that mood, I would have commented something which I regret later. But Machine and human nature are entirely different but now they are fusing both making us more confused making us to work like machine and think like humans.

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