Gideon Rosenblatt

Gideon Rosenblatt writes about the relationship between technology, work, and humanity. His primary outlet is his website, The Vital Edge. His writing describes how human organizations shape “the code within the code” of a newly emerging intelligence. As a result, Gideon focuses on the intersection of technology and mission-driven, stakeholder-friendly organizations. He writes to ensure a place for the human heart in the future of intelligence on this planet.

Gideon ran a mission-driven technology consulting group called Groundwire for nine years. As an agent of social change, this social enterprise built websites, relationship management databases and other technologies to improve constituent engagement in hundreds of environmental and sustainability organizations across North America. Before that, Gideon spent ten years at Microsoft in marketing and product development. He started as a product marketer for Microsoft’s early ‘multimedia’ encyclopedia and other CD-ROM titles. Later, he conceived and built CarPoint, one of the world’s first large-scale e-commerce websites, and ran that software development team for several years. Prior to that, Gideon earned an MBA in marketing from Wharton after four years of doing consulting and market research for US corporations in China.

More in-depth background on Gideon here.

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