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Autonomous Systems Unleashed

Reading Time: 6 minutes Autonomous systems generate feedback loops of machine learning and automation that predict, judge and act without human intervention.

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Artificially Intelligent Design

Reading Time: 4 minutes A new, artificially intelligent design is emerging from the depths of machine learning, and as it does, Nature finds a new medium for expression.

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This Is How We’ll Survive After Robots Have Taken Our Jobs

People platform cooperating

Reading Time: 1 minute This article originally appeared in YES! Magazine and was then picked up this morning by AlterNet where it is now featured on the homepage. It’s about addressing the threat of technological unemployment (the large-scale loss of jobs to automation) by expanding who ‘owns the robots’ — i.e. who owns the companies that are doing the automating. The focus is on a …

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The Singularity Won’t Just Happen to Larry Page

Reading Time: 5 minutes The future of knowledge will be a synthesis of human and machine collaboration, coordinated through organizations, much as today. Any Singularity we may one day experience will, therefore, be shared: the collective destiny of intelligence.

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