What the Online Grocery Wars Really Mean: Automation

Reading Time: 3 minutes The online grocery wars are heating up and the stakes are far bigger than any battle between Amazon and Walmart. The real story here is the automation of grocery stores and the service economy more broadly.

Automated Self-Service

Intelligent, Automated Self-Service

Reading Time: 5 minutes Automated self-service is Silicon Valley’s trick for automating the service economy and for fueling machine learning and the knowledge economy.

The Nature of Sensors

The Nature of Sensors

Reading Time: 7 minutes As sensors and machine learning fuse, they form a critical layer in the synthesis of machine and human intelligence.

What is engagement?

What is Engagement, Really?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Engagement is what enables organizations to coordinate external contributions of work and intelligence. It’s also the future of the human-machine relationship.

The Synthesis of Intelligence

Reading Time: 5 minutes Through the coordination and combination of what were formerly disconnected parts, a greater intelligence emerges.

Artificially Intelligent Design

Reading Time: 4 minutes A new, artificially intelligent design is emerging from the depths of machine learning, and as it does, Nature finds a new medium for expression.

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