Mother Nature is discovering a new clay for her acts of creation. Carbon, that trusty medium for life’s evolutionary...

Mother Nature is discovering a new clay for her acts of creation. Carbon, that trusty medium for life’s evolutionary…

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Mother Nature is discovering a new clay for her acts of creation. Carbon, that trusty medium for life’s evolutionary processes, is losing its monopoly as nature learns to express herself through the inorganic chemistry of technology. Machine learning is how she does it.


  1. While the ironic opacity of how neural nets represent the knowledge abstracted from their training could allow to portray them as artificial vessels of a natural phenomenon, like say pots hosting plants, there remains an oxymoron otherwise when speaking of the artificial as an agent of the natural.

  2. Boris Borcic , not sure I’m following you. Can you try that again?

    I agree that there is a paradox here, however, if that is what you are saying.

    My bigger point is suggesting that we expand our understanding of “nature” to go beyond the purely biological. Humanity is unleashing something. We are a catalyst for this transition.

  3. Kenny Chaffin thanks!

  4. my 1st thought is ….bend over and look at these cute toys …while we inject our real AI …..just not into it .

  5. Gideon Rosenblatt’s subject “Artificial Intelligence” is a very interesting one.

  6. Oh! Mother nature is discovering a new clay for her acts of creation. Amazing idea.

  7. If , only humans are moral as to like others as thyself , in thought , Word and Action -> What is not there for humans to enjoy in this world of ” Unlimited Resources.?

  8. Hi Gideon. What do you think of this ? OUR INNER SPACE IS THE 4 TH DIMENSION. WE CAME FROM THE BURSTING INSIDE OUT OF A QUADRIDIMENSIONAL STAR THAT CREATED A DOOR THAT CONNECTS US TO ALL PARTS OF THE UNIVERSE. THIS DOOR IS THE 4TH DIMENSION. WITHIN THIS 4TH DIMENSION THERE IS ALSO THE NARROW DOOR THROUGH WHICH OUR ELECTROMAGNETIC SOULS SLIP THROUGH IN ORDER TO EXPLORE OTHER DIMENSIONS OF THE UNIVERSES. OUR ABILITY TO THINK, THE FACULTIES OF OUR MINDS IN OTHER WORDS, ARE PART OF THIS 4TH DIMENSION AND ARE A WAY WE OPEN DOORS TO DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE UNIVERSE. Universes have no space per see because they have no volume. They have nothing outside of them. They are contained within themselves and their only space is inner space, giving volume and space to what is contained within them. Inner space, when it is not the spaceless space of the 4 th dimension where the 7 paradises and the astral world and bardos are containded, is not really space for the universe is an interconnected thing. The only true space is the spaceless space of the 4th dimension that verges and matter and matterlessness as the electromagnetic energy that makes up our souls passes through matterless matter called photon voids.

    As for the 2 universes that we know, there is the quantum one and the quotidian one. The quotidian universe is hemmed in by Black Holes that are an inversion of space having it that the universe cannot outstrecth itself and is limited by these Black Holes (voids if you will). These Black holes that are non-space are what we could go through in order to get to any part of the cosmos without having to travel. It is a Door that interconnects all of the universe. Than there is the quantum universe in which we always look within without seeing it from the outside as a whole. Why can’t we ? It’s fuzzy and blurry frontiers point to the fact that it is a universe contained withing itself, thus with no volume, no space per see. As soon as we would be trying to see it as a whole we would be in a non-space, or a void.

  9. There are more or less 4 known universes: The quotidian one with its planets and galaxies; the quantum one; the Black Hole one and the inner one (the Sacred universe- paradise and the spirit world of which prophets talk about. I am a prophet by the way and can talk about the sacred universe.) While these universes connect one to another they are seperate and can only be seen from within for the simple reason that an universal spatial dimension cannot exceed its own space, meaning that seen from the outside it as not perceptible, it has no volume. Now consider this: we can delve into the quantum universe from the inside but cannot see it’s borders with the quotidian universe for if we would be looking at it from the outside. Seeing that space cannot exceed space we can’t see it, it has no volume, thus its frontier is blurry and fuzzy. The same holds true for a Black Hole. This said we know however that these universes interconnect. It we split an atom it will create an explosion in the quotidian universe. Now here is my theory: a Black Hole gathers parts of the quotidian universe and the quantum one. These 2 universes are squeezed one into the other by gravitation. We know that gravitational forces barely affect the quantum universe but in the limits of a Black Hole things are different. The pressure of gravitation exerts so strongly that it ends up penetrating the quantum universe creating an explosion- as if an atom would be split- in the Black Hole. This explosion ends up creating another time-space-matter-energy dimension, or if you will another universe.

  10. Interesting option

  11. Alif Laam Meem Messager de Dieu I prefer Penrose’s Conformal Cyclic Cosmology.

  12. Wow!!! It is Incredible

  13. Terrifying,but learning is important

  14. ashok dayala you are how awesome nature is

  15. Interested new idea

  16. I didn’t know G+ had cause to attract SEO spam like the above.

  17. Ap muja like dejiy

    Me apki post ko like karunga

  18. Am very interested in this word mediumvinod garasiya

  19. Which mean that woman she is not humanbeing

  20. I would like to know how artificially intelligent wk thankyouNahabwe Kenneth

  21. It’s really very nice , I like it ..

  22. ☯️☮️unity


  23. I really like this as art,it reminds me of my party days

  24. yeah, those are the dreams of our dream robots..

    the future reality..

    Is it decomposable, btw..!??

    Gideon Rosenblatt

  25. My brother loves robots

  26. Supreme Intelligence…Nothing artificial about it…There are lifeforms that have been around for 300,000 years or longer…There creepy looking…

  27. Gideon Rosenblatt sure for real

  28. Nahabwe Kenneth that’s sounds bad lol how seems saying is not real or whatever

  29. Owe organs and tissues are DNA for each of one another we can definitely from each one of person in the world.

  30. The plans is bigs world in the sky mine star of lights Galaxy it so largest that we didn’t know were the they it ends

  31. We haven’t figured out Real Intelligence & you want to mess with this stuff?

  32. Very interesting and eye opening 🙂

  33. do you believe in shall we use artificial intelligence in agriculture in near future? If you think so sent the details for it in two to three pages in word format.

    I assure you to publish it in Indian magazine with details of you

  34. awww this are awesome articles

  35. you are amazing Mr Gideon rosenblatt

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  38. Lovely can i know you better

  39. Va good lopsided doing people sen

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