Ethereum Launches

Ethereum Launches

We may look back on this day in history as the start of something important. Ethereum just went live. 

It’s too soon to know just how transformative this new blockchain-based technology platform will prove to be, but I’m excited about its potential. 

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26 thoughts on “Ethereum Launches”

  1. I remember Jini, Lee Rothstein​. That’s more like an Internet of Things precursor. This is more of a platform for building distributed applications and services. I was similarly really excited about Jini though – just ahead of its time.

  2. Darius Constantine Thanks for the highlighting. 😐 However, the marketing BS was over the top. Any security scheme is only as good as the programmers, and users. “There is no foolproof!” Look what’s gone on with Bitcoin.

  3. Guy Parris 

    My original post clearly said, systems such as bitcoin are only as good as their users and programmers. There have been many serious breeches of bitcoin exchanges. Without the exchanges bitcoin is merely an intellectual exercise. While bitcoin blockchains may may be better than other security mechanisms, it still is at the mercy of programmers and “users” at all echelons of the in situ “system”.

    The alleged “harshness”? You set yourself up as the arbiter and expected me to jump at your ultimatum. Sounds too much like the usual IBM stance that they are the arbiters of good IT.

    Baloney, in both cases!

    Further, I doubt that bitcoin will not be broken by quantum computing. Guess who owns the most of that, now!

  4. Lee Rothstein

    I am guessing you assume I understand crypto currencies more than I do. I was looking for an explanation or a source for info on something I dont quite understand as of yet, But thanks for the lesson.

  5. Curating Content for the Attention Economy

    My son purchased 1337 Ether for me and I have a little over 7 Bitcoin that I have had for a couple years….I am just now learning as much as I can. Thanks for the link,,, reading now.

  6. Lee Rothstein, it seems to me that Guy Parris was simply asking an honest question. And it’s not clear what you’re referring to with regards to your “original post.” Did you post on this someplace else? 

  7. I did see part of his point there, that there are weaknesses at these bottleneck/distribution points, regarding security.

    Once upon a time, there was a new little country that had a large new frontier to explore and migrate to.  For around 100 years, all along the frontier the little country’s brave adventurous souls moved west, and some of them opened banks, which were robbed quite often, as well as the coaches that transported money to them.

    Eventually, this security problem was more or less eliminated by use of new technologies, and the country became the world’s largest economic power.

    New frontiers are not for everyone,Lee Rothstein, but that is no reason to think that they will fail.

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