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Vital Edge businesses build products and services that create positive social impact as they are made and used by their stakeholders.

Business missions fall into two buckets: customer missions that fulfill a promise to a customer and social missions that help make the world a better place.

As a leader of a mission driven business, your most powerful strategy is to create synergy between your customer mission and your social mission. The best way to do that is to build products and services that create positive social impact as they are made and used by your stakeholders.

In other words, build your business model around motivating your customers to willingly pay to partner with your company in making the world a better place.

Technology is a disruptive force that regularly reinvents the possible. Right now it’s reinventing the way businesses collaborate and partner, and our job here is to investigate how these new collaborative technologies help you build partnerships with your stakeholders that translate your products and services into positive social impact.

Here are some of the mission-related questions we explore here on the Vital Edge:

  • The tech sector has gotten really good at turning customer partnerships into amazing acts of co-creative genius. Your likes and posts on Facebook build that service every time you use it. How might you use these techniques to build co-creative partnerships with your stakeholders that solve real societal and ecological challenges?
  • Roughly one-in-three people make purchasing decisions based on your company’s alignment with their values, and this percentage is increasing with younger generations. How do you engage these customers in ways that grow your visibility and reputation on social networks and the search engines? How do you deeply collaborate and partner with them to create positive social impact?
  • You care about your impact but have limited resources for actually measuring it. How do you partner and use technology to cost-effectively assess your true footprint in the world? How do you communicate that impact in ways that more deeply engage your stakeholders?

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