Fixing the Google+ Engagement Problem

Let’s be honest: Google+ does have a problem engaging new users. Facebook already has the network for engaging existing friends; Google+ has to forge a different path: building a better network to share interests with those who share our interests.

These 39 slides are some thoughts on how to do just that. I don’t work for Google, but over the last several months, Google+ has become an important community to me. I now care about its future, and so while I’m not presumptuous enough to think I have all the answers, I wanted to highlight the core problem, as I see it, and throw out a few rough ideas for addressing it.

These slides builds on earlier slides I created a few months ago:

They also builds on the ideas of others who are also thinking about many of these issues. At the risk of leaving some important people out, here are at least a few of these good folks:

Alexander Becker, Yifat Cohen, Jacob Dix, Rod Dunne, Brian Gundersen, Siegfried Hirsch, Max Huijgen, Jeff Jockisch, Guy Kawasaki, Denis Labelle, Chris Lang, Thomas Morffew, Thomas Power, Vinoth Ragunathan, Susanne Ramharter, Miguel Rodriguez, Jeff Sayre, Alex Schleber, Brian Titus, Mark Traphagen, Gabriel Vasile, Colin Walker and Sophie Wrobel. (Again – apologies to anyone I may have inadvertently missed…)

As with my first slide deck, I’ve tried to make this tour as easy as possible with some nice images, the credits for which are on the last slide.

Also, if you want to see these as actual slides on Slideshare, I’ve posted them on my blog at Alchemy of Change:


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