The Soul of Concrete

Concrete tanks are the hot new thing in winemaking. My dad built, by far, the coolest company pioneering in this field. Here’s what they do. The tanks are, well, they’re just beautiful. That guy going down the ladder at the end is my dad.

3 thoughts on “The Soul of Concrete”

  1. When some one follows their ancesters and hold on into with respect.. and valorated all their hard effort and had passed by generations trough generations and had applied with constructions and gived to that special someone who carried and runs in your veins. You can not forgive some thing you love and feel it inside of your heart.

    I’m so happy for you.. as a human being you had a big treasure that your ancesters had left you..!! And the ancestry the wine gets the more DNA global universe involves into it. More conscious will be embraced in

    all knowledgements and contributions from all efforts of our old ancestors recipes of uniqueness winery and to creditable to created your own seal signature and imported out there to those who knows the good taste of a extraordinary wine glass.. after a sunset, a special celebration. Or a tradition natural spirit loyal and faithful Cher with your ancesters.!! Who are gone but not DNA and spiritual..!


  2. I’m a some lost here… for my a tank is a Panzer.. in my youth timeline,

    a container for wine was a Bocoi(y) or something else..

    nowadays, this word isn’t available …

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