Gideon Rosenblatt

Gideon Rosenblatt writes about the relationship between technology and humans. He's learning to cover this topic from a mythic perspective. He writes to help his readers see the code behind the code in the planet’s next intelligence -- and the critical importance of the Human Soul in what comes next. Gideon ran an innovative social enterprise called Groundwire for nine years. He worked at Microsoft for ten years in marketing and product development, and created CarPoint, one of the world's first large-scale e-commerce websites in 1996. Fresh out of college, Gideon consulted for US companies in China. He received an MBA in marketing from Wharton. He lives in Seattle with the loves of his life -- his wife and two boys.

How Artificial Intelligence is Reinventing the Art of Influencing Human Behavior

Neuroscientist Jeffrey Lin wants to dramatically reduce people’s toxic behavior in online gaming communities, and he’s using artificial intelligence to do it. When players experience persistent abuse or toxic behavior in a game, they are on average 320% more likely to leave that game and never come back. Toxic behavior isn’t just a conspicuous PR problem for the gaming companies; it costs them real money. I’m …

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