Gideon Rosenblatt

Gideon Rosenblatt writes about the relationship between technology and humans. He's learning to cover this topic from a mythic perspective. He writes to help his readers see the code behind the code in the planet’s next intelligence -- and the critical importance of the Human Soul in what comes next. Gideon ran an innovative social enterprise called Groundwire for nine years. He worked at Microsoft for ten years in marketing and product development, and created CarPoint, one of the world's first large-scale e-commerce websites in 1996. Fresh out of college, Gideon consulted for US companies in China. He received an MBA in marketing from Wharton. He lives in Seattle with the loves of his life -- his wife and two boys.

Words are the Bridge Between Digital and Analog Reality

Language bridges the eternal ideals of conceptual meaning and the living, evolving flexibility required for Earthly experience.

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Knowledge Technology as the Muse Learns to Compute

Knowledge Technology

Knowledge technology, from Greek alphabet to Artificial Intelligence, always changes how and what humans know.

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The Future of Knowledge: Can It Exist Without a Human Mind?

the future of knowledge

In an era of machine intelligence, can knowledge exist without a human mind?

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Demanding the Heart of Technology

If we want technology that embraces our humanity, we need to start asking for it.

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Machined Prejudice: Three Sources of Technology Bias

technology bias

Technology bias can amplify the worst of human nature. How do we keep it out of artificial intelligence?

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Building Mission-Driven Technology

Mission-driven technology delivers a powerful impact, while redeeming technology from its darker story.

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Corporate Artificial Intelligence: Can Investors Control a “Perfect Profit Machine”?

As corporations automate, might the artificial intelligence of a "perfect profit machine" simply decide to stop distributing profits to human owners?

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How Are We Going to Learn Faster?

Humanity is under growing pressure to learn faster. What will learning look like in the decades ahead?

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Going Deep in User Experience Design

Marrying art and tool, wisdom of Soul and intelligence of mind, we brighten the future of our technological progeny.

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As Technology Lifts the Burden of Logic

The sea of rising code lifts the burden of logic and our brains are left to wonder what it means to Be Human.

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