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The Vital Edge is a place to explore the human experience in the coming era of machine intelligence. We touch on many aspects of that human experience, but our primary focus is the changing nature of work.

PageLines- Gideon-Large.jpgWhen it comes to thinking about the future, I have made the decision not to feed dystopian visions. I am no Pollyanna. I see, and often write about, the dark underbelly of many applications of technology. But I also believe that dystopian visions of the future can act as a kind of siren’s call. Repeat them often enough, and you help bring them into reality.

Instead, I prefer to lean in to optimism, but in a “grounded-futurist” kind of way. I believe we create our future through the choices we make today. If we want a future that guarantees economic opportunity for all, then we need to start designing automation with that eventual goal in mind. If we want artificial intelligence to serve something greater than just maximizing returns for shareholders, then we need to begin baking social and ecological objectives into the outcomes – and code – of the software we write today.

The Vital Edge is a technology-centric publication that focuses on artificial intelligence, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, and other cutting-edge technologies. Lurking beneath that surface, however, are deeper roots in the notion of “humanity at work,” where you will find topics such as mission-driven technology, stakeholder-centric organizational design and ownership, and an emphasis on culture, the real software that connects us all.

In this sense, the Vital Edge is a fusion of the future of technology and the future of work. My goal is to sow seeds for a future where technology serves humanity and the planet, and where the code behind the code of the next intelligence on the planet is deeply infused with what we hold most sacred.

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— Gideon Rosenblatt


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  1. Bring it on Gideon — let’s see how much momentum you can build!!

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