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What is the future of the human experience in an era of machine intelligence?

The Vital Edge explores that future, with a particular focus on the changing nature of work. How will the rise of machine intelligence change what we do, how will it shape and define us? The answers to these questions will be defined by the decisions we make today.

Come explore a future where technology doesn't just serve humanity, but celebrates what makes it most sacred.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Reinventing the Art of Influencing Human Behavior

Neuroscientist Jeffrey Lin wants to dramatically reduce people’s toxic behavior in online gaming communities, and he’s using artificial intelligence to do it. When players experience persistent abuse or toxic behavior in a game, they are on average 320% more likely to leave that game and never come back. Toxic behavior isn’t just a conspicuous PR problem for the gaming companies; it costs them real money. I’m …

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