Tracking Attendee Excitement with Artificial Emotional Intelligence

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Tracking Attendee Excitement with Artificial Emotional Intelligence

“So in order to emotion-enable The Open this year, NTT DATA mounted several cameras atop their huge LED display NTT DATA Wall to capture facial expressions of emotion using our emotion recognition technology. By partnering with Affectiva, they were able to track these facial expressions of emotions – and combined with the noise of the crowd and social media sentiment, NTT DATA was able to create a list of the most exciting moments of the tournament.”


  1. Hollie Digges thanks u

  2. Scary. Being put to terrifying use in China these days. In fact, since the early 80’s I have made a point to walk around making sure my thoughts were not visible on my face. Also, shortly after 9/11, when I worked on a black satellite, and we had a…. concern, I had to let the program manager know that he was walking around with it written all over his face, without saying a word. As soon as I did, he wiped the expression off his face.We cannot reveal what we are thinking.

  3. Too much technology is never a good thing

  4. Lisa Borel, I think it’s going to be harder and harder to hide as machines get better and better at reading our subtle, subconscious microexpressions.

    And yes, China is using facial recognition to terrifying effect.

  5. I realized I couldn’t hide in the early 80’s as the main frame operator of a bank. 9/11 really drove that fact home. If you think the cameras on every street corner, in every store are not being utilized, you are a true fool. And every word we type…

    Everyone else can just catch up with me.

    It just occurred to me. I daresay, it could be possible that Google is shutting down Google+ to remove a trove of comments data from Trump’s reach.

  6. That’s not exactly how I would say it. but everyone has the right to their own view on it.

  7. Bloody hell…. Sending Love to transmute all of this into Light/Love.

  8. You hope down among

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