Your Second Job, as a Facebook User

Reading Time: 4 minutes Facebook users behave as though they had a second, part-time volunteer job – building the service. And that makes for happy shareholders.

A Pattern Language for New Media

Reading Time: 6 minutes A framework for understanding new media, its reliance on end user contributions, and what that should mean for the future of media ownership.

Curating Smart Networks

Reading Time: 6 minutes Curating relationships keeps our content visible in the social stream and creates a powerful feedback loop. Why that matters to us and to society.

We Are The Filter Bubble

Reading Time: 6 minutes The “Filter Bubble” isn’t just about computer algorithms. Our connections on social networks are just as important in determining what we see online.

What Is Google+?

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Yes, Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook, but not in the directly competitive sense many journalists assume….

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