• The Synthesis of Intelligence

    Reading Time: 5 minutes Through the coordination and combination of what were formerly disconnected parts, a greater intelligence emerges. …

  • Synthetic Intelligence

    Global Synthetic Intelligence

    Reading Time: 2 minutes The shift in global intelligence from a purely biological phenomenon to a newly emergent, synthetic intelligence from the realm of knowledge. …

  • The Singularity Won’t Just Happen to Larry Page

    Reading Time: 5 minutes The future of knowledge will be a synthesis of human and machine collaboration, coordinated through organizations, much as today. Any Singularity we may one day experience wil…

  • Algorithmic Bias takes many forms

    Algorithmic Bias in Organizations

    Reading Time: 6 minutes By reducing algorithmic bias, data scientists increase the perceptual clarity of organizations and help promote fairness. …

  • Mind Reading

    Mind Reading Research Sees What You Mean

    Reading Time: 7 minutes Carnegie Mellon research shows how we map sentences in our brains -- and paves the way to mind reading applications. …

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