You Wanna Go?

You Wanna Go?

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You Wanna Go?

Interesting little vignette on how Facebook tried to get the jump on Google’s recent announcement about its success in cracking the game of Go using AI. Basically, this is a fight to attract top talent, and high profile problems like Go signal these companies’ commitment to and success at tackling hard AI challenges: 

…the reality is that Facebook—and Zuckerberg in particular—place enormous importance on this sort AI, and in this, they are very much in competition with Google, which also happens to be their biggest business rival. This AI race, however, is not really just about which company is better at Go. It’s about which company can attract the top AI talent. Both Zuckerberg and LeCun know they must show the relatively small AI community that the company is serious about this stuff.

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  1. And the winner is…OpenAI!

  2. Although it is a wonderful achievement for computer-kind and mankind, I’d still view this result as equivalent to having come up with a new bigger and better calculator –  not really  a huge advance in “AI”.

    In principle the optimum move for every GO-position could be calculated with straightforward search-algorithms if we had a computer as big as a planet or something. What this latest result shows me is that we now have been able to achieve a huge optimization in the approximate calculation of the best moves.

    Very powerful (like say an atom-bomb) but not necessarily hugely more “intelligent” (like say an atom-bomb). Not to speak of “machine consciousness” which is what everybody seems to be fearing for so far … 

  3. Blohard Dev Wow that’s a lot.  I’m not familiar with the details of this GO implementation but read something that suggested it was about machine learning with genetic algorithms. I still view that more as optimized search, than “artificial Intelligence”. But that’s just my opinion not knowing the details. What would make it  “artificial intelligence” in my opinion would be if it somehow emulated the thought- processes of human players. Maybe it does

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