Wow. This is impressive progress from the folks at Boston Dynamics.

Wow. This is impressive progress from the folks at Boston Dynamics.

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Wow. This is impressive progress from the folks at Boston Dynamics. 

It’s funny how I can’t help projecting emotions onto the robot, or having my mirror neurons kick in with anger at the guy for ‘bullying’ this robot. But, of course, he’s just putting it through a stability and recovery test.

And to continue my illusion, I like how the last scene shows the robot, having had enough, simply walks out the back door. I swear I could almost hear a mumbled “Later, jerk!” under his (or her) breath. 

Nice catch Mike Murphy 

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#marchoftherobots A MUST watch if you care about revolution if robotics. FYI Gideon Rosenblatt​


  1. I kept silently rooting for the robot to punch that guy in the face 😀

  2. Yeah, I hate to admit it, but I kind of did too. Even though he was just doing his job. But I guess we’ve heard that excuse before….

  3. That was damn awesome Gideon Rosenblatt the walking on snow and getting pushed over….. amazing

  4. That puts Honda’s Asimo to shame!

    I like the way you worded that. I suspect sooner, rather than later, we’ll have a problem with people who experience the same thing you did, buy aren’t smart enough to realize, “hey! That’s just my own brain playing tricks on me. It’s just a machine. There’s no ‘person’ there to be harmed, except the human, if the machine falls over on him”.

  5. They’ve done well combining lessons from Big Dog into this Atlas2. It’s good of them to include video of him recovering twice on snow. The leg joints have a greater range of angle than Asimo, and of course we’ve never seen Asimo or it’s successor anywhere near rough terrain, picking up boxes or getting pushed around. The weight is down to a safe level around adults, and probably the cost too, so i expect we’ll see some of these being tested in distribution centers by the end of the year. Great to see!

  6. Btw, i say “him” (not her) because Atlas is male from Greek mythology. 😉

  7. Ha. I had the SAME reaction! I kept thinking – is the stick really necessary? Can’t you use your hands?!? (as if that’s more ‘human’)…

  8. Is Boston Dynamics the robotics company google bought? Gideon Rosenblatt 

  9. Yes, Julie Holberg. 

    And yeah, Yifat Cohen, maybe that guy wasn’t 100% sure the robot wouldn’t lose its temper….

  10. And then the masses became obsolete Maby that’s why they recently constructed an underground prison facility with capacity to hold over a million prisoners 🙁

  11. Somebody give it a pair of shoes…

    Creepy stuff…

  12. Eve is a blackhole manifested into our current universe from that equation Gideon Rosenblatt​ why would an A.I. wish to spread itself throughout the internet ??

  13. I’ll be more impressed when they can make the thing really quiet.

    News was that the military gave up on the project because of noise, but conspiracy-minded me wonders if that is just the public lie, and if there is not a squad of these guys, but a few versions more advanced, in training somewhere.

  14. Wait for it to have a human-like head and face and our empathy with it will increase notably…

  15. Lucifer Project that’s where the singularity comes into effect ……I have smashed the crown of my own reflection by my loop universe and paradox theories

  16. What if an A.I. met God but it was all the same ?

  17. Unbelievable it’s learning

  18. At the beginnings it was like that I am

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