An Internet of Smells

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Researchers are on a quest to create a “multisensory internet.”


  1. Cool, isn’t it?

  2. Eli Fennell, yeah, wild.

  3. that’s really old… I can’t remember where I saw it (that’s how long it’s been)… but they’ve been talking of you waking up to the smell of coffee / breakfast coming out of your TV/PC and getting those juices flow for their advertisers’ products.

    I’ll have to look for that article now 😉

  4. The masses will appreciate this effort to mask the industrial-human flavor of Soylent Green.

  5. Michael Verona Now with 10% More Human in every square!

  6. Nooo! I don’t also want to smell Trump when I’m on Twitter!

  7. Gideon Rosenblatt No 🙂

    I think it was in the days of our Google TV Ambassadors program… I’ll look for it.

  8. They did mention this research has been ongoing for years. It’s not easy, apparently, to find people willing to suffer repeated unpleasant fragrances in their nostrils due to electrical stimulation of nostril skin cells, so there’s a high turnover in the participant pool and a ton of trial-and-error.

  9. Found it!

    I think.

    My memory says the smells would come from the TV.. So I’m still searching… – This Alarm Clock Wakes You With the Smell of Fresh Croissants

  10. Yifat Cohen thanks. That one actually pumps out a scent rather than just an electrical stimulation.

    Seems like you’d quickly get sick of that every morning. Oh, mint chocolate… again?


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