Works of Art and the Art of Our Works

Works of Art and the Art of Our Works

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Works of Art and the Art of Our Works

A short romp, musing on the art that emerges when we allow our works to go unfinished into the hands of their receivers.

The true beauty that exists within a work of art is the possibility for creativity that it opens to the observer. What passes for much art today generally allows little room for interpretation; it’s a simple mimicking of reality, twisted perpendicularly onto a vertical plane. The observer becomes a passive consumer of a pre-packaged art experience, with no room to engage their own imagination in the work.

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  1. Absolutely!

    As far as I know, the Masters of Art in the world are the Italians. The works of their forefathers live on forever. I think we should learn from them and them build on their solid foundation. There is nothing like the power of the mind and the imagination. Agree?

  2. Works of Art and the @_@

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