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A great overview of the blockchain ecosystem by Josh Nussbaum.

There are many exciting developments coming to market both in terms of improving existing blockchain functionality as well as the consumer’s experience. However, given the rapid pace at which projects are coming to market, I’ve found it to be difficult to keep track of each and every project and where each one fits into the ecosystem. Furthermore, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees without a comprehensive view of what the proverbial forest looks like. As a result, I have compiled a list of all of the decentralized blockchain-based projects that I have been following, was able to dig up through research, along with recommendations from friends in the ecosystem. This market landscape is the output of that work.


  1. Gideon Rosenblatt Great!

  2. Ping Pierre Tran.

  3. Is this something you’re following too, Michel Reibel?

  4. Gideon Rosenblatt I’ve been keeping an eye on the Brave web browser. They are going to be adding/using BAT (Basic Attention Token ) in their browser for serving up ads anonymously. – Home

  5. Ferananda Ibarra​ #holo

  6. John Kellden blockchain in a box? 😉

  7. Looks very interesting, John Chvatal. Thanks.

  8. A really long box, Thomas Morffew. 😉

  9. Seems to me it might be useful to consider this from the other end: when have multipolar situations existed, and what has given rise to them?

    It seems to me that higher costs of transport, comms, and coordination seem to predominate. If you cannot act in a unified manner across a large domain, you don’t.

    Virtually every technology I’ve seen touted for “increasing decentralisation” has instead increased economies of scale. Which is to say, centralisation.

    The other approach might be to increase disruptions of highly-scaled operations, though I’m not sure just what might work here.

  10. Edward Morbius​ , though I’ve dropped my active participation, it was interesting watching the way that federation works on Mastodon. Which is to say, not perfectly. I am so used to centralized servers that it took me a while to understand why stuff wasn’t just showing up immediately on my server. I imagine that there will be equivalents in dapps. But, as Equifax and a growing number of other recent trends suggest, there is something pulling us towards decentralized intelligence, I think.

  11. Gideon Rosenblatt I’m thinking a lot about how and why things become centralised and uniform, or not.

    The video below is on the languages of Italy: distinct languages that emerged first from a common shared language, vulgar Latin, and are now trending toward a shared national language based on Tosscano Italian. There was also a pidgen used in maritime and trade throughout the Mediterranian, through the early 20th century.

    As a model for studying standardisation, destandardisation, and restandardisation, it’s a rich example. Pre-Roman tribes, Rome, fall, Renaissance, eventual Italian statehood, modern comms and transport….

    And that only creates the common protocols for dissemination of information, goods, people, culture…. – Languages of Italy

  12. Thomas Morffew Gideon Rosenblatt not blockchain in a box or a large box ;). Actually holo is our strategy to scale a post blockchain technology called #holochain and create the capacity to build distributed applications with less barrier of entry (blockchain has a steep barrier of entry) while lowering the costs that developers have to face in regards to hosting their applications. – Go Beyond the Blocks!

    Quoting from our landpage:

    Contrary to our hopes, Blockchain’s quality, privacy, and security measures are inaccessible for too many. Its slow “consensus” process makes regular Internet uses costly and complex– not to mention that control of the network increasingly gathers in small groups of miners or stakers, creating barriers to entry for latecomers.

    Holo is a Distributed hosting ecosystem that runs with a #cryptocurrency called Holo. It will allow for all of us to take advantage of our spare computing system and get out of corporate servers while creating an economy. Our currency is designed to be less volatile, actually pretty stable as its based on a real asset.

    We are pre-alpha and exploring an Ethical #ICO design you can read about here:

    Edward Morbius our main intention is to allow for better flows of coordination and we are inspired to keep that path and lower the costs and entry barriers.

    Thank you John Kellden for cc’ing us. I appreciate it so much!

  13. Excellent outline Ferananda Ibarra YGG! (say hi to the others as well…)

  14. Ferananda Ibarra Those are capabilities that increase centralisation.

  15. Tangentially related: CGI impacts as the uncanny valley is traversed.

    “Economies of scale” == monopoly-favouring. – Goodbye Uncanny Valley

  16. Michel Reibel Merci

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