Toxic Behavior on Wikipedia Highlighted by Machine Learning

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Wikipedia is using machine learning to better understand and deal with harrassment and toxic behavior.


  1. Hmmmmmm. I wonder if the article itself is marked as harassment since it contains all of those comments.

    Context and context and then context is important. Is it a quotation? Is it sarcasm? Does the person stating something simply consider the information factual while the person evaluating the information believes in a specific social etiquette? Is the person making the statement mentally healthy? Is the receiver? Are they both of the same age and location so a matching vocabulary can be expected?

    People tell me every one of my posts are spiteful, hateful and argumentative. While a friend would point out that I am simply on a different sphere of existence.

    I can watch a small boy grab a stick and pretend to shoot a gun. I don’t see that as hate but as a developmental stage and environmental exposure.

    But, an AI can go the extra effort and track a lot of information and form a “grey scale” of harassment. I simply assume when one stands up in a stadium of 10,000 people and makes a statement a broad spectrum of thoughts will be born. That gives a society a vast set of skills beyond a completely hierarchical species.

    I’m ready for the “you stupid idiot” remarks and delight with that attachment to life and connectivity.

  2. Thanks for the post.

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