Why Happiness Matters in Networks

Why Happiness Matters in Networks

Jack Ricchiuto has a nice article on the importance of happiness in networks and the special role that network weavers play in building the social capital that helps generate that happiness. Jack wasn’t writing this specifically about Google+, but I’m sure you will find much of what he says quite applicable here. 

Natalie Villalobos – I’m careful not to over-tag you, but I think what Jack is saying about network weavers might be useful for you and the rest of the community managers here on G+.

An excerpt (but make sure to read the full article, as it’s good and a fairly quick read):

When we consider the connection rather than the individual as the fundamental unit of networks, we can begin to talk about creating happier connections where these indicators are evident in intention and expression throughout networks. They become principles shaping the critical contributions of network weavers.

As we now know from the research, when connections are happier, people in these connections are more naturally productive, generous, creative, courageous, realistic, passionate, resilient, and healthier. As it turns out, these are also the qualities of strong and growing networks.

The whole thrivancy of networks grows when more people become connected to already happier connections and bring more happiness to the connections they have. This is how happiness scales organically through networks. This is how we move from thinking about growth just in quantities, densities, and reaches of connections to the vibrant and contagious quality of connections that add to the measurable well-being of the network.

More: ➽ http://networkweaver.blogspot.com/2012/06/why-happiness-matters-in-networks.html

Jack Ricchiuto isn’t active here on G+, but I circle him anyway. You can too at Jack Ricchiuto 

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