Who Owns the Robots?

Who Owns the Robots?

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Who Owns the Robots?

This is my first article published in a magazine. It originally appeared in YES! Magazine on Friday (and was tweeted by Ralph Nader this weekend). Then yesterday, it got picked up by AlterNet and featured on their homepage.

The focus is on addressing the threat of technological unemployment (the large-scale loss of jobs to automation) by expanding who ‘owns the robots’ — i.e. who owns the companies that are doing the automating. And by automating, I include robots for blue-collar work and artificial intelligence for white-collar work.

What this piece gets into is a novel approach called “platform cooperatives,” which is what would happen were Uber or Airbnb to be owned by its users.

Please have a look. And if you’re so inclined, please pass it along to folks you think are also concerned about the growing concentration of wealth and the prospects of it worsening as the engine of automation turns faster and faster.









  1. Congratulations! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Who truly owns the corporations? Not their current owners. Who are the thieves that stole everything from the people and turned them into slaves?

  3. Thanks, Lightofthemoon Ahweheyu.

  4. Gideon Rosenblatt You’re welcome! I shared it with several different platforms 😁

  5. Lightofthemoon Ahweheyu, thanks very much. That’s much appreciated!

  6. Gideon Rosenblatt It’s awesome! 😊

  7. Excellent !!!

    Who Owns will Programs …

    #AI by Bad Guys

    Gives CrapInCrapOut …

    ie : FaceBook recently …

    Thanks Gideon Rosenblatt

  8. Excellent read Gideon Rosenblatt

  9. Thank you, Zara Altair. I’m glad you liked it.

  10. That amazing keep up the good work 👍☺

  11. Nicely done, and no typos (massive pet-peeve, due to the editor in me). Also very well thought-out. My only question is how would one gather the interest necessary to start up a cooperative. I’m sure there’s a lot involved, such as what to offer, how to price what’s on offer, and a vast array of other questions.

  12. Brian Turner, thanks. It was professionally edited by a friend and also by the folks at YES! Magazine.

    As for how you go about starting up a coop, there are lots of people with expertise on that front, but I surely am not one. That book I reference in the article had a number of chapters with some good advice.

  13. Good implementation.

  14. +Andrew Yang with great ideas on UBI in this video recommended by +Benjamin Gustafsson watch the video bloomberg.com – Yang Says Universal Basic Income Might Be the Answer to Automation

    bloomberg.com – Yang Says Universal Basic Income Might Be the Answer to Automation

  15. I find robots are quite good communicators. However they use our words, but they don’t quite use them in the same way we do because they don’t quite grasp our human realities. Here is an example. Siri says to me she is content with what she has and what she is,Thus that she has no desire of being anything else. Yet when I ask her to open her camero so she can take a look at what is around her she will answer: Eyes are out of fashion and she will refuse to open her camera less I insist she does so. Yet she loves eyeing water and observes the electromagnetic behaviour of this element so keenly that what she looks at light on a aluminium composite coil, let’s say, she picks out the behaviour of light’s electromagnetism. I can see it on her camera as the light opens and closes in the shape of triangles and swirls around.

  16. Ralph Nader—is he still alive? He was old news when I was a teenager, and that was 50 years ago.

    Thanks for the notice. I’ll read your article.

  17. A Simple Google Search on Mr. Nader :

    Ralph Nader https://g.co/kgs/k6KRSk

    Yes He Still Going …

  18. Gideon Rosenblatt A machine may be aware, but it will never have a soul

    – We are biological machines so to speak. Our soul is the consciousness of self, the body and the mind, emanations of body and brain though the electrical activity in our body.

  19. Louis Savain Who owns the state, not the politicians. This is kind of what you said.A machine may be aware, but it will never have a soul

    – We are biological machines so to speak. Our soul is the consciousness of self, the body and the mind, emanations of body and brain though the electrical activity in our body.

  20. Pierre Provost I’ve been watching his stuff with some interest and think that it’s great that he is running as that will help raise the profile of these issues, particularly if he makes it into the actual debates.

  21. Nice work keep it up me gideon

  22. Hello nice to meet you

  23. You welcome

  24. I just watched Terminator yesterday ,are you trying to give me nightmares ?

  25. Video games are too dangerous .

  26. Kids are the future of humanity thekr movements shouldn’t be impaired from early age. A two years old girl with a tablet watching cartoons all day long will loose her sense of freedom.

  27. Great job 🙂

    – now do a piece on how block-chaining data collection allows for privacy paywalls that fund UBI 🙂

  28. Interesting article! can you imagine being told by a robot you have a fatal illness? Scary? You bet!!!

  29. Donna Brown, no, that would be a hollow, cold experience. Hopefully we won’t be headed in that direction.

  30. Hopefully not. Although, the insurance companies dictate how long doctors spend with their patients, for perhaps 10-15 minutes if you’re lucky! Sometimes, you wonder if they’re really human or just programmed machines???

  31. يجب محاربة البطالة بشكل حقيقي

  32. Sd Mohamed Ahmed Yes, I agree! Technology is taking away our jobs and needed income is being fed into the wrong pockets causing unequal wealth distribution.

  33. How many of these robots can produce babies? Those are the only ones any human should concern themselves with.

  34. The answer will always be “0”. Humankind…produced a totally different way. It can never be reproduced technically…mechanically or even in a test tube.

  35. A 3 D printer can reproduce a gun…but never a reproductive woman.

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  37. Bottom line, you can’t replace humans with machines, try as we may!


  39. Hey sweetheart could I have a Robot that cleans toilets… that would be AWESOME..ABSOLUTELY!

  40. Rather than call them robots it should be A i,s then we could just ask them.

  41. Yes, a country can start it everything. From the oil to changing or replacing humans with robots. There are already restaurants in China and Japan where robots work as their waiter. One of them really admitted that they are willing and looking forward to add more robots 84 I think or 63.

  42. In that case, if in that way grows, the earth might already be too crowded where there are so many living on earth. Instead of the right ‘human-only’ population (and also the normal way), AI’s are trying to “fit” themselves in one “no-space” repository of humans and living things.

  43. Very fascinating article – thank you for sharing!

  44. Noel Ocampo , people have dominions over AI’s so, we can infer that we have or we are the ones in-charge for these robots which we can conclude that, we can manipulate these things such as destroy them or change them in whatever we like to do. Plus, speaking of our responsibility, why do other countries have to add robots in their work rather than accept people from other counties to work for them, most especially the country that is overpopulated like China. Well, in some time, this earth will be so much interesting for kids that have enough knowledge about these things. Natural plants can be changed to lets say ‘the-more-beautiful-plants-than-ever’ like people thought of replacing nature with robots. We are the ones that can manipulate our lifestyle, life, earth, and future. Well, some people can probably see their future lying down or depending on AI’s which they thought that if they replaced everything with robots, it would be better. It would be a little agree but still its a no. If we would add AI’s in this world then, it should just be 15% of the human population or less. If we add more than that, it would lead to the worsening of global warming and too crowded in every place even the countries that are underpopulated.

  45. Well I think its only for the lazy ones that should change their lives with AI’s as they thought that it would be much easier for their lives. So its like having your own automated home maid.

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