When Machines Make Art?

When Machines Make Art?

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When Machines Make Art?

These images were created using a machine learning algorithm called AttnGAN, (Attentional Generative Adversarial Network). Using the below website, you can input words and the algorithm will generate images based on the visual elements it associates with those words:


More background here:



  1. I got an image that did not seem to be related to most of the words! Lake, trees, grass, flowers, clouds, sky, green, blue – yielded a image like an aerial shot of a agricultural field in muddy brown colour. Still appreciate a generated modern art like image in response to a set of words.

  2. im tired right now its early /cant make that out could be anyone

  3. second picture ai third picture spaceship

  4. I see a gooses face it look like a space ship but … The words say more like a goose or a duck

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