What’s Really Happening at Amazon?

What’s Really Happening at Amazon?

The recent reports about Amazon’s work conditions are disturbing, but I wanted to take a deeper dive into what I think is really happening at the company. At the heart of the problem is what I’m starting to now see as my new mantra on the effects of robotics, artificial intelligence and automation more generally on human work: 

Today, the role of human labor is to do the work machines have not yet learned.

This article started off as just a post here on Google+, but then I started going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, and fell into some conclusions that I think are pretty important about the relatively near-term future of human work. So this article is about Amazon because it’s at the cutting edge of something bigger.

It’s not a particularly optimistic take on where things are going, and I do think there are alternatives to the picture painted here, which I’d be happy to get into in comments. 

This one’s hot off the press, and, I think, one of my better ones. 

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