What’s Life Got to Do with It?

What’s Life Got to Do with It?

A provocative inquiry into where to draw the line on life. 

“In the end the scientific definition of life is more of a qualitative fluid spectrum than it is a quantitative set of solid categories, with varying opinions on how objects like viruses, crystals, and computers fall along the line. If organization and self regulation are the metric for this spectrum, gemstones probably lay somewhere between a pile of sand and a virus, and in a very limited sense can be referred to as alive, whatever that may mean.”

HT Hans Youngmann. Oh, and sorry, Tina Turner.

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Originally shared by Margaret Siemers (Siemers Rafter Room)

Can an inanimate object such as a crystal actually be alive?

Oceanside Jewelers gives us something to consider in another of his excellent blog postings. 

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