What Is Facebook Doing with Artificial Intelligence?

What Is Facebook Doing with Artificial Intelligence?

This is a really important article for understanding how Facebook is thinking about applying artificial intelligence going forward. 

What they’re planning with “M” is quite interesting. It’s a kind of hybrid strategy that uses humans to fill in for what the AI can’t yet do, while training the AI in the process. 

The closing paragraph is also a really important point about how AI is actually being developed. The reference to the isolated guy in Alaska is, of course, a reference to  Ex Machina

“The scenario you seen in a Hollywood movie, in which some isolated guy in Alaska comes up with a fully-functional AI system that nobody else is anywhere close to is completely impossible,” LeCun said, “This is one of the biggest, most complicated scientific challenges of our time, and not any single entity, even a big company can solve it by itself. It has to be a collaborative effort between the entire research and development community.”

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