We should care less about whether something is centralized or decentralized than whether it is accountable. An...

When Decentralizing Everything Doesn’t Seem to Work

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Here’s Nathan Schneider talking about accountability and decentralization:

We should care less about whether something is centralized or decentralized than whether it is accountable. An accountable system is responsive to both the common good for participants and the needs of minorities; it sets consistent rules and can change them when they don’t meet users’ needs.



  1. So that means that my moving from here to Diasporia (distributed social network) is wrong?? Aiiieeee!! What Now?

  2. 20+ years of Usenet history provide a counter argument. And many blogs linked by backtracks too. Ok, spammers start to be a nuisance sometime, but they did this here on G+ too.

  3. find out what does work

  4. offtopic: I heard this rumour: g+ (which will continue to be available to paid subscribers) gets put on blockchain. Assuming you can make enough g+coins to pay for it, it might remain open to the public. My wild guess is that authors who get a lot of reads will do well; everyone else pays hard $$ to read it… or something like that.

    So medium.com is not distributed, not blockchain, and its got some walled-off pay-for bits, but other parts of it are almost g+ish. A bit awkward to post comments, but not that far from g+.

  5. Linas Vepstas do you have a pointer to that rumor?

  6. on-topic: that article is actually a pretty good article. wonky, and I tldr’ed half-way through. But he actually seems to have thought about it.

  7. Gideon Rosenblatt It was a longer comment on some other post, regulars who discuss philosophy, planning a migration away from g+. The author laid it out more credibly, but not really with any more details; he did not hint of any insider knowledge; nor did he say he was speculating.

  8. I can track it down if you really really want, but I don’t think there was info in there you can use.

  9. Linas Vepstas thanks. No need to track it down. There is talk right now of moving content over to Solid.

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