“We are not talking to Facebook and Google about whether or not to introduce a complete change where all their...

Changing the Facebook and Google Business Models

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“We are not talking to Facebook and Google about whether or not to introduce a complete change where all their business models are completely upended overnight. We are not asking their permission.”

Tim Berners-Lee on Solid.



  1. Nifty . Can’t wait to watch this.

  2. Sounds like diaspora (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diaspora_(social_network)), which didn’t work. I guess the idea doesn’t have to be new, but at the right time. Still, I don’t think sir Tim understands the social part of social networks. People don’t want privacy as much as publicity.

    en.m.wikipedia.org – Diaspora (social network) – Wikipedia

  3. Chris Welty One of the things that keeps people on a social network is the cache of information and content you’ve put up there. If they can create a way to decentralize the information and content, and a way to subscribe to each other’s published content and interact with it without a central forum infrastructure, it will allow us to do both – stay private and be public.

    Because the other thing that keeps people on a social network is that’s where the people they know are based. But if the people are all ‘based’ on their own pods, then you don’t need the platform to ‘connect’ with that person’s online identity and content. I HOPE that’s the kind of thing he has in mind with this.

  4. Chris Welty I say give it a try. Even if Berners-Lee hasn’t taken into account how important “social” is to many people, it’s also possible that many other people (like me) are also very disappointed with how so-called “social” platforms have evolved and are now turned off by what I now refer to as “social media decay” ddmcd.com – Managing & Technology

  5. nice! I created a Solid ID and a profile. Apparently we can create personal social networks in Solid. But it is not completely clear to me how that works at this point, so I am not attempting. cadej.solid.community – John Cadien Johnson III – Solid Home

  6. Chris Welty, not a social network:

    “This shows you what your Solid data browser will look like.

    All your “things” are in one place. You can easily link and share data with anyone you chose and drag and drop elements between apps. Collaborate with others by looking at the same data within different apps at the same time.

    For example, imagine you’re in a chat with your team and an action item gets assigned to you. Instantaneously, that action item appears in your to-do app.”

    inrupt.com – Our Work

  7. Without advertising who pays for the platform?

  8. Paul Egan yeah, I see that without monetization, this may not take off. It IS what I want to see happen to the net though.

  9. Paul Egan, it’s a good question, and one I’ve asked folks working on earlier versions of these ideas. Their answer at the time: end-users would pay for it, just like we did with software years ago, and just as we do w/ some apps today. Back then, I didn’t really buy it, but today, with all the Facebook problems, etc., I would definitely fork out real money for a solution that helped me secure my data online and change the way these ecosystems work.

  10. That is how it should have been. Alas it may be too late to break the enclosures.

  11. Gideon Rosenblatt I put faith on tech like of #BlockChain, where the identities are secured. only those who want to earn will mine.. those who mine more, more contacts and reaches reached.

    Whole depends upon diffused web..

    it makes people go wild, if they want to connect, mine have some pain and flow. those who dont want to mingle socially dont do it..

    if you want to do marketing, have a group where you can market.

    all else will be excluded.

    only real coin real people.. real translations real transcriptions..

    It makes sense.

    If you yearn, #earn..

  12. you live in america, right? I know you do. What Is Capitalism? HocusPokus is not appreciated.

  13. Rebecca Hinckley, huh?

  14. Jeremy Seifert Dennis D. McDonald Gideon Rosenblatt im not saying it’s a bad idea technically, just that people won’t use it because fundamentally they don’t care about the problem it solves (or claims to solve). Yes, it’s not just a social network, but It offers no new functionality, all the differences are imperceptable to the vast majority of people, for them it’s just a bunch of promises.

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