Vulnerable Robots Need Love

Vulnerable Robots Need Love

Afterward, researchers asked participants how they felt after these interactions. People said they felt “more intimate with the robots when the robots made mistakes and showed imperfect activities during interactions,” according to the study.

This shouldn’t really be all that surprising. We humans love an underdog and we find people who are too perfect quite annoying.

Also note, Facebook’s head of AI says the probability of artificial intelligence developing true emotions is low, but that robots will need to emulate our emotions in order to get along with humanity.


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A 3CPO future…?! There likely was a reason “The Little Trickster” archetype was built into those Star Wars bot “characters”: It softens the overall image away from cold, “alien”, beyond-human “superpowers” (facets of The Titan and The Sphinx archetypes respectively):

“…Researchers from the University of Lincoln in the UK have learned that it helps to not only give machines human-like expression, but also what is arguably the most human trait of all: the ability to make mistakes.”

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