Very thoughtful piece on value creation within organizations.

Very thoughtful piece on value creation within organizations.

Each of the two columns above is a sound worldview. They are valid in their own right. However, upon reflection, you realize that the two columns are perfectly opposed, item by item. And they lead to opposite results. The rules on the right side lead to productivity, efficiency, and predictability. The rules on the left side lead to creativity, serendipity, and uncertainty. Neither set of rules is wrong. The opposite of “trust” is not simply “distrust.” The opposite of “excel” is not simply “do a bad job.” People tend to see their own value choices as positive, not negative.

Successful companies must exist in both worlds—innovation and production—simultaneously. That’s hard to do. Innovators on the left often think of managers on the right as cold-hearted and lacking in vision. Managers on the right often think of innovators on the left as frivolous and impractical. But in reality, both sides need each other. Ideas that live only on the left side are stillborn. Institutions that get stuck on the right side become dinosaurs.

Nice find, Gregory Esau. Thanks for the ping on this one.

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It’s The Ecology,


In 1992, James Carville, lead political strategist for Bill Clinton’s Presidential campaign famously framed, and won, the election with the defining phrase, “Its the economy, stupid”. 

Likewise, we can frame the winning strategy for winning in the 21st century economy and business world with the paraphrase, “it’s the ecology”. 

Trying to win in this century’s economic landscape with 20th century thinking and economic theory is like trying to win 20th century wars with horse brigades against Panzers. 

This month’s edition of Evonomics does a nice job of drawing out the differences. 

H/T to Gideon Rosenblatt for tuning me into the Evonomics site and newsletter.
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