“Ultimately, the goal is not to build a machine that can beat us at an argument. Much more exciting is the potential...

“Ultimately, the goal is not to build a machine that can beat us at an argument. Much more exciting is the potential…

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“Ultimately, the goal is not to build a machine that can beat us at an argument. Much more exciting is the potential to have A.I. software contribute to human discussion — recognizing types of arguments, critiquing them, offering alternative views and probing reasons are all things that are now within the reach of A.I.,” Reed said.



  1. AI can not and will never be able to duplicate the human thought process since all decisions made by AI are a product of the algorithms and responses chosen by the programmers. No human being has a crystal ball to foresee all options to a situation that can arise in the future. AI will always be limited by the state of knowledge at the time the algorithms and programs are developed. Put simply, machines can not think and possess no ethics or human compassion and understanding. Those who believe otherwise are deluding themselves.

  2. Donald Hogan I think you should look up what castigating neural networks are….

    Algorithms are what Google uses when you search for the best cup of coffee near you… Artificial intelligence is on a completely different level.

  3. I like this common sense approach Gideon Rosenblatt AI is a tool, not a panacea

  4. Matt L No need to look up anything. My comments on AI algorithms are valid, see link below. It is you who do not understand AI algorithms. Read and be educated.


  5. Yes! Different, New, Alien Perspectives!

  6. Like I need another source telling me how to think…..keep it I’m good

  7. We will be able to see the programmers biases in subject matter…..lol

  8. DA L That’s the part many simple do not understand. True AI has nothing to do with programming (at least no more than you own brain does).

  9. Donald Hogan

    Who knows, maybe in time the AI will be able to deduce logic from understanding differing opinions made from the multiplicity of information that we embrace…..factored with facts of life ——> = what matters in life.

    Very complex! Wow!

    The programs used will seemingly be dictated/ biased according to the programmer.

  10. DA L Sorry, but you don’t seem to understand what true AI is.

  11. DA L The AI programs WILL NOT be available to the public. They are Trade secrets.

  12. DA L I know, that is why I made the comment.

  13. IronSmith Now why did not I hint of consulting rubbish sources about AI? 👎🏿 💩

  14. Donald Hogan

    I don’t doubt it, for now.

  15. Donald Hogan

    I’m only agreeing…..

  16. Kenny Chaffin

    Probably not. Lol

    Still quite interesting!

  17. It’s a fascinating realm…..

  18. Thanks Gideon Rosenblatt​

    Question … This #AI

    Who What When

    If it’s Geek to Geek … It’s Worthless in a Real World …

    You have Transparency … Therefore Respect Your Thoughts !!!

  19. This article which is a long read traces the origins of AI and describes its limitations in easy to understand words. No bull, no hype, just facts.

    thebestschools.org – The Limits of Modern AI: A Story | The Best Schools

  20. If AI would work on the same level of logic as it does when simulating a chess player I think it could be really good. When arguing with other people I often notice that their “memory tail” is very short, about two “draws” back in time, and they often forget what was the first subject or argument of the whole discussion. They also do many different kinds of logic errors. That is very poor and AI could possibly do much better than that if it could be taught to see the patterns.

  21. Donald Hogan​ don’t get too defensive.. I work in a related field and I’m trying to inform you on current technology. You seem to ignore the term “neural networks”… I’m not sure if you know what those are or how powerful they are. Instead you keep talking about algorithms. Whatever you do for a career or hobby must have nothing to do with artificial intelligence. I can only assume you are making assumptions about a topic that you are not thoroughly educated on.

    Your disbelief in the fast past world won’t change the corse of history or the the trajectory of exponentially growing Technologies. It will only leave you in the dust.

  22. Martin Josefsson I agree. What you’re describing is ‘narrow AI’. Very powerful on very specific topics.. But as ‘general AI’ advances, it will be very good at connecting logical information without any human intervention.

  23. Gideon Rosenblatt bonne anné

  24. Make sure one of those is in every religious faith school so that kids do have some absolute reason and intelligence to guide them.

  25. InterAct Party

    As long as man keeps intervening with his supposed “Intellect” agenda, and wresting or completely taking out what is important (God’s word), our kids will be lacking in light.

  26. Putting the human minds and brain to work

  27. InterAct Party Rubbish. Whose religion should be used? Guess you never heard of Shiria law, the Taliban, ISIS and other religions terrorists all of whom are anti-intellect. 👎🏿 💩

  28. Matt L Until,AI can demonstrate that it can learn and draw valid conclusions from multiple related events, it will be limited to information contained in its algorithms. Mankind reigns supreme, not machines.

  29. Donald Hogan​​​​​ I’ve attempted to inform you that your information is extremely outdated. AI is not limited to the data written in algorithms.. You’re thinking of a calculator watch from the mid 80’s.

    You refuse to look up the term “neural networks” because the real world scares you? I’m not really sure. But there is good news… We don’t base current technology off your personal beliefs Donald.

    Listening to you talk about algorithms is like listening to a monkey talk about bananas.

  30. Donald Hogan​​ you can either educate yourself on current technology or you can get left in the dust…. Your decision will not affect the rest of us.

    news.mit.edu – Explained: Neural networks

  31. Matt L I embrace technology but abhor wishful thinking. Had you read all of my posts, you would be aware that i am familiar with neural networks. My criticisms of those who believe that AI can someday replace human intelligence are unchanged.

    homeai.info – Algorithms used in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  32. DA L There is no God, and if there is and he or she is omnipresent & all powerful then he/she has a lot to answer for!

  33. InterAct Party

    Well there is, and you will find out soon enough…..

  34. DA L is that a threat? lol.

  35. InterAct Party

    God’s promise…..💕

  36. Information has to do with fact. Directive to what is current and past knowledge. (my outlook). Factual and brief, peace.

  37. Hazard situations which is dangerous to human beings can better be replaced by AI

  38. Elliot Barlow hello dear how are you today

  39. I agree but I don’t want you spooning me for my packets.

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