Twitter Just Bought Whetlab, for Machine Learning

Twitter Just Bought Whetlab, for Machine Learning

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Twitter Just Bought Whetlab, for Machine Learning

Here’s how Whetlab describes their technology:

“It’s “AI for AI” — sophisticated machine learning techniques that get your in-house machine learning system off the ground, automatically. Rather than having to hire doctorate-wielding machine learning experts to architect and tune your system, our patent-pending technology helps your engineers — your team that already understands your data and your needs — get the latest and greatest deep learning techniques going in days rather than months or years. Moreover, Whetlab doesn’t just replicate expert capabilities, it exceeds them: our technology has repeatedly outperformed the top machine learning researchers in configuring systems for the hardest cutting-edge problems, setting the state of the art for benchmarks in challenging domains such as visual object recognition, speech processing, and computational biology.”

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