Triple Bottom Line Recall

Triple Bottom Line Recall

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Triple Bottom Line Recall

Together with its subsequent variants, the TBL concept has been captured and diluted by accountants and reporting consultants. Thousands of TBL reports are now produced annually, though it is far from clear that the resulting data are being aggregated and analyzed in ways that genuinely help decision-takers and policy-makers to track, understand, and manage the systemic effects of human activity.

HT Jennifer Sertl


  1. Morning Gideon – and thanks for the info! Never heard of TBL and why it’s a thing. Umm…concerning sustainability and cars.,..sorry for Dieselgate from Germany!

  2. The 25 yr old TBL concept makes a lot of sense if one factors in the true cost of business on environment and society.

    Business can ignore these dimensions like the US has done recently in dumping most EPA regulations. Single bottom lines will profit but it’s going to be an expensive additional toil on the American people and their health very soon.

  3. Don Krypton , good morning. Yeah, that scandal was pretty shocking, huh?

  4. su ann lim , agreed. Those companies that take advantage of the current political climate in terms of getting ecologically sloppy will ultimately hurt themselves in the long run.

    And what the Trump administration is doing right now on this front is criminal.

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