Trial social credit systems are now in various stages of development in at least a dozen cities across China. If...

Trial social credit systems are now in various stages of development in at least a dozen cities across China. If…

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Trial social credit systems are now in various stages of development in at least a dozen cities across China. If successful, it will be the world’s first digital dictatorship.


  1. There came a time when, in our detachment, in our disinterest, we asked the machines to tell us who we were, and being machines, our machines, they obliged.

    “The answer,” they said, “is clear to all who reason: you are our machines.

    That was the last day before the last day, but we took some comfort in knowing our place in the order of things.

  2. I do not endorse China’s social credit system. But avoiding it or something like it is not easy. The antithesis of China’s system is Europe’s General data protection regulation. That regulation is a complex array of vague rules of privacy. Those rules lead to endless legal arguments about what data can be collected about a person, what can be done with it, when it must be destroyed, how it must be destroyed and on and on and on.

  3. This is gruesome and despicable, the kind of thing that can spread around the world and kill us all. Complete surveillance and control turning us into meaningless hordes of animals.

  4. As with any other digital rating system, there will be those you can hire to “pump up” your rating if you need to.

  5. 即使如此,中国也是独裁一个国家。更加严重的是,美国正在独裁全世界。

  6. I think the U.S.A. deserves the denomination of being the 1st digital dictatorship, especially if Republicans win also the next elections. It may have been done via private corporations first, taking over the government, but the end result is about the same as if it was done via the government first. Instead of keeping score they monitor your entire online life’s history and use it for all kinds of automated decisions. It is even less transparent than the Chinese system.

    Only GDPR in Europe is focusing on protecting the rights of the people rather than those of big business or the government.

  7. Paying minimal wages to people around the world is effectively doing the same thing — making some free to roam the world, whereas some — to have it difficult to take a single step. 🙂 To allow the freedoms, we do need increase the mutual trust for everybody, with respect to each others… And information collection and exchange is a way to do that.

  8. 数字独裁者被计算机和人工统治。数字独裁主着是计算机的宠物。数字独裁者不堪一击,只需一枚炸弹💣摧毁电信大楼。

  9. Sakari Maaranen 超级赞👍

  10. Sakari Maaranen, it’s a good point. I disagree with you in the belief that what China is implementing notches things up considerably, however. Where I agree is that here in the US the government has maintained a deep laissez-faire attitude that has given corporations the ability to undermine privacy in order to maximize returns for external shareholders. Trump and crew (Steve Bannon in particular) seem bent on bringing corporations to heel along the lines we saw last century in Italy, Germany and Spain. China is already there, as is Russia, though there routes there were quite different. As will ours if we don’t turn things dramatically around with this election.

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