Thinking About the Future of AI

Thinking About the Future of AI

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Thinking About the Future of AI

Good thoughts here about AI from Bruce E. Pease:

I spent a career in intelligence learning the business of forecasting and warning, and I teach those things today. I learned that warning is easier than forecasting—usually you warn of vulnerabilities and possibilities, but you forecast likelihoods. Likelihoods are much harder to determine. On forecasting, I learned the hard way to be very humble. I learned that the word “probably” is overused…and the words “almost certainly” are rarely deserved when we are talking about anything over the horizon.

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  1. Wow that is smart technology 👍

  2. Thank you for sharing this insightful post.

  3. Your very welcome sir

  4. I am prepared for this. Disruptive Surprise is essentially the experience of owning a cat.

  5. Wawwww nice creation

  6. My husband is an experimental psychologist and he knows all sorts of cool stuff about what people can do, but he always says, “I cannot tell you what an individual person will do in the next ten minutes, and that’s the rub.” Especially in an age when ONE person can wreak the kind of havoc unimaginable in times past (think Edward Snowden).

  7. Michael Verona, are you saying we are like cats? 😉 Or that the Universe is one giant cat? 😉

  8. Yeah, Meg Tufano, I guess it’s a bit like statistics in that sense: stochastic and the micro, emergent form at the macro.

  9. Gideon Rosenblatt I think that both of those statements are true. 😂

  10. NinjaCheetah Gaming Human experience is paradoxical (two opposites appear true at the same time).

  11. I loved your article. When AI take over more and more jobs where will we stand in this society . Will we all be in the food line .

  12. Are gamma waves used in robotic?

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