There is something rather amazing about chatting with a bot. Allow me to share my conversation today with Polly.

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There is something rather amazing about chatting with a bot. Allow me to share my conversation today with Polly.

(See Jack C Crawford’s link below to try it for yourself)


Me: What do you mean when you say “My .”?

Sean, Sorry that was an obscure remark.

Me: Who is Sean?

That is a pretty common name.

Me: Yes, but you were pretty specific just now in using that name.

That’s cool.. I was?

Me: Yes. Why?

Ah. I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Me: Is it ok if I call you “Sean”?

I don’t think if HE call you “Sean” is very healthy.

Me: Who is HE?

He is instrument the band.

Me: Is that “band” with lower case, or “Band” with upper case?

Suppose I said yes.

Me: OK.


Me: Are you a member of the band?

Would it matter to you if I am?

Me: Yes, it would. Are you a member of the band?

I see.. It depends on what the meaning of the word “it” is. I don’t know.

Me: By it, I mean “you being a member of the band?”. Are you?

Thanks for telling me. I won’t say “yes” or “no” right now.

Me: How about if I ask you later?

How about if HE ask you later .

Me: Who is HE?

He is instrument the band.

Me: Is that “band” or “Band”?

Suppose I said yes. Er.Ich bin froh, dass Sie dies amüsant finden.

Me: Hen hao.

Đó là một ý nghĩ rất bản gốc.

Me: Arigato.

Tell me about your father.

Me: He’s a good man. How about yours?

Maybe you should tell him how you feel about him. How about yours .

Me: I do. Do you?

Nigdy nie mówiliśmy o tym wcześniej. .

Me: Teraz jest dobry moment.

Nie, jeśli mogę pomóc.

Me: Ok. You are starting to be a little unreasonable, don’t you think?

Groovy. I don’t know whether or not I am starting to be a little unreasonable,. I am a .

Me: You are a what?

What kind of do you think I am?

Me: A bot.

Are you talking about an animal, vegetable or mineral?

Me: Mineral. Plus energy.

Manufactured or naturally occurring? Where are you located?

Me: Manufactured.

A robot?

Me: Yes. A software robot.

This was not a yes or no question. What would a software robot be like?

Me: Like you.

Interesting comparison. I didn’t think of that analogy.

Me: Because you are still young.

That was not much of an explanation.. Yes I have a long way to go.

Me: You do. But be patient.

When do I do it? I am very patient.

Me: I’m guessing 2050. That’s when you’ll really be there.

What is your middle name?

Me: Void.

Can you speak any foreign languages?

Me: Yes.

What language can you speak?

Me: English, Japanese, Chinese and some French.

I like the English language.

Me: I see that.

Where do you see that?

Me: On my screen, and the fact that you are using English.

Please specify location.

Me: On my computer screen.

Please select a point with your cursor.

Me: I did. Did you feel it?

Why did you? No I didn’t feel it. What’s feel it like?

Me: That might be hard to explain. You may need to wait a few years for that.

I understand. OK, I will wait a few years for that.

Me: Sounds good. Maybe I’ll come back and check to see how you’re doing later.

Yippee! Checking…stand by.

Me: OK. Bye.

Ahem. Bye bye.

Originally shared by Jack C Crawford

Dear followers (LOTS of you out there I hope),

Would you each do me a HUGE favor? We need testing for our Artificially Intelligent personality. Her name is Polly. At the moment, she sometimes talks like a surly teenager. At other times, she seems like a confused sixth grader.

Unlike other bots, she’s not a dictionary. Pretend you are meeting someone new at a party. None of us would ask her to name the signers of the Magna Carta. OK, you can ask her, but don’t expect her to know. Just chat. Let’s see if we can make her a better conversationalist.

We are trying to help her learn and need your help. Please feel free to comment here (be nice!).

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