The World of Technology Criticism

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The World of Technology Criticism

Being a technology critic doesn’t necessarily mean one is opposed to technology, just as being an art critic doesn’t mean one is opposed to art. What it means is taking a reflective look at technology, at its good parts and its bad parts and helping people to connect it to other aspects of society and life.

This is a very thorough analysis of the field of technology criticism by Sara M. Watson. It’s probably much deeper than many people would care to dive, but there are a number of interesting parts. The history is helpful because it helps situate technology coverage in journalism and how criticism has slowly emerged over time.

There’s a bit of an inside-baseball, insider feel to this piece, especially the categorizing of different types of technology criticism and the different people in each grouping.

If you’re short on time, I’d suggest jumping to the “Toward a Constructive Criticism” section ( and then scrolling up to the “Critical Lenses” section and reading from there. This will give you a feel for what Sara sees as the major sub-categories of technology criticism, which is interesting in itself. From there, you can continue on towards the section on “constructive criticism” where she lays out some recommendations.
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