The Universal Drive to Automate

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The universal drive to automate and its very ancient roots. We once viewed it as the boon of the gods.


“The bow and arrow is probably the first example of automation.”


  1. A weapon is a tool,my tool chest overflows..

    Automaton is something, something does automatically.

    A bow nor an arrow can be fired automatically,not when you state !..

  2. chris john — Metaphorical representation — akin to : The mind is the bow and the thoughts are the arrows – thus – the process of the Bow and the arrow is like Automaton. Where as tools like Boomerang can be considered Semi-automated..

  3. This was the analogy in the article: When humans strung the first bow, towards the end of the Stone Age, the technology put the task of hurling a spear on to a very simple device. Once the arrow was nocked and the string pulled, the bow was autonomous, and would fire this little spear further, straighter and more consistently than human muscles ever could.

  4. Chris Welty, exactly.

  5. Man,being the catalyst..

  6. The gods are incompetent, arrogant, pretentious, schizophrenic, paranoid.

  7. Good morning america

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