The terrifying marriage of surveillance, gamification, Big Data, AI, and an unchecked desire for social stability...

The terrifying marriage of surveillance, gamification, Big Data, AI, and an unchecked desire for social stability…

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The terrifying marriage of surveillance, gamification, Big Data, AI, and an unchecked desire for social stability and political control.


  1. We are seeing the return of Imperial China… which is not actually that much of a surprise, wince it’s been their preferred system of government for millennia.

  2. It scares me Gideon Rosenblatt given enough data I could make you look like any kind of personality that I choose.

  3. CIA/NSA dream.

  4. Not so different from the U.S., I think, just further along the path.

    If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him. – Cardinal Richelieu (probably)

    …and modern surveillance is so much more thorough and efficient than any mere writing, is it not?

  5. “welcome 21st. Century!”

    The BigBrotherAward 2018 in the “PR and Marketing” Category goes to the idea of a “Smart City”!

    Forcing a Total, Saturated 5G Future… Without Safety Checks

    Opposition to 5G at Michigan Statehouse Testimony

    5G and IoT: Total Technological Control Grid Being Rolled Out Fast – tech and science

    EMF, ELF, Mind Control-5G Tech- Frequency Manipulation- Thought Control!

  6. Nothing really to see here. It’s a slightly different system than The West, but if it works for Chinese then who cares? It’s a fascinating opportunity to see the outcome. Authoritarian Capitalism seems to be moving faster in benefiting certain causes such as environmental improvement vs. gridlock in DC that USA faces. “One need only compare its political system to India’s shambolic democracy to see the stark difference in outcomes. India has failed to implement the reforms it needs to maximize its growth potential, while China has proven itself capable of radical and muscular policy changes like doubling the number of solar panels in use over the course of a single year (2016). “ – How China’s “Pragmatic Authoritarianism” And Russia’s “Illiberal Democracy” Have Averted “The End Of History”

  7. It’s a great achievement only possible when the population trusts the government.

    Misbehavior of western governments makes something like this impossible here.

  8. the 2nd amendment is what makes crap like this impossible in the USA.

    cameras get shot down.

  9. Крыстафер Гомес This is the typical “We distrust the government” mentality, I just mentioned.

    Look how US goes down,

    look how China goes up.

  10. Roland Mösl but it’s not the people Mistrusting the government because in the USA the people are the government

    It’s a matter of the government just trusting the people and China’s government does not trust their people

  11. Roland Mösl and China has been through many governments the USA has only had one government

  12. I should say the USA has only had one Constitution.

    China has had many, because their government is unstable

  13. London has the highest concentration of security cameras in the city

  14. Seriously worrying and scary. Several other nations may decide to emulate it.

  15. Крыстафер Гомес Really? US is under the dictatorship of the military industrial complex pressing insane high military expenses out of the population.

    They have 2 parties to make the democracy show, but each president is only a puppet.

  16. My mortgage broker showed me my online credit rating, he had a secret code that he entered to access it, he had access to every detail of my financial history, I was stunned shocked disturbed and amazed. China is not the only one.

  17. Крыстафер Гомес Stable? So tell me about the US civil war created by pressing insane high tarifes out of the South.

    Or how You see a president election between Trump and Killary as a sign og stability.

  18. u americans are stupid. u live in one of the best countries in the world. but want to live in totalitrism, u love china, putin’s russia. ok! welcome to russia. and u will die here!

  19. Roland Mösl the USA won the Civil War.. the US Constitution remained.

    We elect everyone except the president so we have full control through our elected Representatives and judges

    Are you unfamiliar with how the US government works?

  20. The US Constitution is the longest running Constitution ever in the world.

    I’d say that squarely places the US Constitution as one of the most stable constitutions in the world.

  21. I rate this thread: 🐙

  22. Roland Mösl also there were a few more presidential nominees Than Just killery and Trump….

  23. They all look the same to me

  24. Крыстафер Гомес, it’s true that the United States was set up with an excellent system of government. Truly revolutionary in the highest sense of the term and it has proven remarkably stable.

    The problem is that this system of government has become infested with monied interests. A relatively small percentage of the populations, as families and individuals, now have a disproportionate say in the laws of the land. And they even make rules that make making the rules easier (Citizens United). These folks, have already taken over the corporate body as shareholders. Congress over the last few decades is demonstrating what that kind of take-over looks like when it crosses over into the body politic.

    Now Trump comes along, and thanks to the distrust that that political sickness has caused, is able to tell some portion of the public not to trust the government (the “deep state”) and to simply trust him instead. Trump is devolution embodied and he emulates his hero, Putin and his buddy Xi.

    The question is whether people will wake up this fall.

  25. Keith Snowdon Крыстафер Гомес Gideon Rosenblatt What a fascinating post (and the comments too).

    The American idea, the “fighting words” that created our nation, are not about America really, they are about truths about all people everywhere, that all (universally) have the basic human rights to life, liberty, happiness. The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson but the ideas come from The Enlightenment thinkers especially, and we Americans are often called an Enlightenment Experiment because of that.

    The Constitution enshrines those liberal (liberal, because all are included) ideas, those “truths” in a series of enumerated rights to flesh out what exactly it means to have the right to life and liberty and happiness. We are still figuring all that out, but we have figured out (collectively) that slavery (the right to buy and sell people) is (obviously) NOT what it means (The Civil War).

    The current political situation is just that, “current.” There has never been anything like Trump in our 240 year history (but a few like him in Roman history that I can think of). It is of immediate concern because there appears to be a high likelihood that the President is self-dealing and aligned with those who neither trust “We The People,” (the first three words of The Constitution) (i.e., the American people) nor people in general (his anti-immigration and “Mexicans are rapists” and cannot be trusted to be judges comments). Moreover, he seems especially to be concerned with the very wealthy (those one percent people to whom Gideon Rosenblatt refers). That of course goes against everything America means, and is, in essence, an abandonment of his oath to uphold the Constitution.

    We have been here at least once before in my lifetime, namely during Watergate. Nixon agreed to spend whatever was necessary to kill or pay off those who would reveal that he had ordered the break-in of the Democratic Headquarters ( you’d think Democrats would get better at security (!) ). He abandoned his oath in a variety of ways, but essentially was a crook. DJT has SOMETHING that he does not want revealed about his behavior, either something kinky, or, more probably (considering real estate has been his thing) some need for cash (real estate people are always cash poor), that has him between Putin and Deripaska (a Russian mobster and possibly the richest man in the world). DJT is clearly doing Putin’s bidding: …Destroy nukes (look at the Department of Energy), …destroy respect for intelligence agencies (see Comey’s book), …destroy NATO (look at the headlines), …destroy our rapprochement with China (look at tariffs), ad nauseum and to be continued.

    And then we get to how in the world this current situation all happened so fast? And there is Gideon’s reporting on AI and how we have to (yet again) figure out how to protect ourselves from those who would use social media information and technology to destroy our lives, our liberty, and our happiness.

    Me? I’m going to trust the courts. I’m going to follow Cambridge Analytica and its offspring, and of course China is probably already running circles around what we have discovered in the West. But, in the end–if we can keep G+ open (and not be evil), and keep newspapers alive–I think the people will prevail. (Note that the Chinese control what their people can read which helps them do all the controlling through AI.)

    The First Amendment will (God willing and the nukes don’t rise) come to our rescue.

  26. Meg Tufano do you know what protects the First Amendment?

    the Second Amendment

    The right to bear and keep arms to the protection of religious Liberties was written in the English constitution of 16 60 something

  27. Gideon Rosenblatt no the people will not wake up any more than they have already.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

    The government and its officers are selected by the electors whom are chosen by the officials whom we choose through our votes

    They will reflect exactly what the American people desire.

    Money? Power? Military strength? Religion? Oil? Cannabis? Opium? Food?

    It will all come at the will of the people.

    But if everyone spending their political energy uselessly then we’re going to stay in this s*****

    If you ask most Americans what judge is they last voted for 99% will not come up with an answer.

  28. This is a nation of laws

    When it comes down to it the politicians don’t mean s***

    The people who matter are the judges.

  29. Excellent thoughts, Meg Tufano. Thanks for capturing that. When you look at the decisions that Trump has made from a few steps back, if he’s not wittingly doing Putin’s bidding then he has just blindly and foolishly stumbled into a series of steps that have greatly increased Putin’s stature and actual power in the world.

    Крыстафер Гомес, you’re not bursting anyone’s bubble. But I think you have an overly idealistic view of how our system actually works. There are political races that do change the political environment in ways that redefine what is politically possible at any given point in time. But increasingly, the actual laws and regulations that are enacted and legislated have little to do with what people actually really want. They are gamed by lobbyists and political donations.

    Trump is the wild card that is upending the whole process because he essentially doesn’t understand or give a rip about those existing processes. He wants a different and more convenient set of processes that are much closer to the unfettered processes that Xi and Putin now have.

    Sadly, even in the situations where the vote does count, which is largely about who is in control of the executive and legislative processes, people are so brainwashed and swayed by political advertising that they often really don’t know what a candidate really stands for. This last election was a key demonstration of that.

  30. Gideon Rosenblatt lobbyists are what people want.

    We can b*** and moan about it all we want but in the end if we really really did not want those people doing what they do they would not be there because we’d simply March on Washington.

    Our inaction shows our preference.

    Your second paragraph essentially counters your first…

  31. Крыстафер Гомес, I think you’re imagining some pristine political system that does not actually exist in reality. In reality, people are exhausted by working long hours or they are distracted by playing League of Legends or watching Lost in Space on Netflix. Most of us tend not to engage much more than the emotional and rational intelligence we evolved on the savannas. Our brains are simply not well-suited for the chaos and complexity that is modern government. Bad stuff happens in September and by November, we have moved on and completely forgotten what so completely outraged us by six weeks earlier.

    And when we do march on Washington, it doesn’t seem to matter that much anymore. Even a brave new generation that isn’t exposed to the cynicism is second-guessed and seen as mere puppets.

    It’s not quite as simple as money invading politics, but it’s pretty damned close to that simple.

    I don’t understand your last point.

  32. Gideon Rosenblatt I don’t think those people that are making millions of dollars off YouTube are working extensive hours.

  33. Gideon Rosenblatt if you don’t like what the government is doing you do like the arizonans do you take charge of your rights. – Salt River wild horses get protection after years-long advocacy battle

  34. Gideon Rosenblatt good call on people being exhausted or distracted. Governance isn’t textbook at all or utopian. This is why I don’t see Citizens United as really a bad thing. People are too busy to participate in government, but they will give money to NGOs that are lobbyists or direct action. I see governance of the future as people rallying around causes that matter to them. It’s almost like the dystopian future where corporations run everything except they’re nonprofit corporations. Asians are collectivists so I don’t see why Westerners can’t give up a bit of individual representation and join an NGO to rally around. Sea Shepherd gets more done than the UN ever could, just as an example.

  35. John Foster this country is exactly the way you want it to be or have allowed yourself to live it as you want it to be

    Proof of this is with the Amish people and other groups that are separated from the mainstream

    Such as the many nomadic tribes that flow down here about the Southwest

  36. John Foster, yeah, the problem with that approach is that the organizations representing civil society are routinely outmaneuvered by the organized money in corporations. I spent nearly a decade helping these type of entities and regularly and routinely would see any gains they made easily undone in the next legislative cycle. Sometimes it took a few years, but eventually it was undone. It’s easier to deploy money when you have a lot of money and it’s easy to have a lot of money when you earn revenues, not take in charitable dollars.

  37. Крыстафер Гомес I wish it did. But you try to take out a gun when they have a nuke pointed at you. I wish you well with that. In my honest opinion, that ship sailed a long time back.

  38. Meg Tufano why would the US government bomb its own soil?

  39. Meg Tufano also I’d like to meet the soldier who would push the button to drop the nuclear weapon on its own soil….

  40. When a guy notices that his keypad typed “Desiree” instead of “desire” in his post and it’s been sitting like that for over 12 hours.


  41. Крыстафер Гомес You made the point that guns protect you from tyranny. I doubt a gun could protect you from a government which has considerably greater military assets than any gun you could purchase. The Second Amendment MAY have meant something at one time (and its meaning is disputed), but it is now just a sales ploy of the NRA sales team.

  42. Gideon Rosenblatt Just wanted to underline your point, “When you look at the decisions that Trump has made from a few steps back, if he’s not wittingly doing Putin’s bidding then he has just blindly and foolishly stumbled into a series of steps that have greatly increased Putin’s stature and actual power in the world.” I continue to see DJT’s behaviors as cognate with what Putin wants (and antithetical to the truths that are the fulcrum upon which America rests) and it’s frightening.

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