The Semi-Automated Mason, nicknamed Sam, can lay 3,000 bricks a day, while a builder's average is 500.

The Semi-Automated Mason, nicknamed Sam, can lay 3,000 bricks a day, while a builder’s average is 500.

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The Semi-Automated Mason, nicknamed Sam, can lay 3,000 bricks a day, while a builder’s average is 500.

Yeah, the masons get to work alongside Sam.

For now.

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  1. “can lay 3,000 bricks a day” and your mom even faster!

    (couldn’t resist)

  2. Interestingly, though, the machine can’t work without the help of two masons, who need to measure, probably plumb, then set up the track it runs on, load the machine continuously (with hod-packs?), presumably keep it provided with concrete/water/etc., smooth the concrete ahead of the laying arm, and then police the joints for gaps, voids, excess, etc. And I guess, also generally supervise and test to be sure the wall stays righteous as it goes up. They probably also need to lay corner bricks and junctures by hand — the machine is probably only good for laying sections of curtain wall with same-size offset bricks..

    So the machine’s actual achievement is much less than stated.

  3. John Jainschigg So… is there no advantage in using the machine?

  4. I think that’s a good assessment, John Jainschigg, and like many of these automation challenges, it starts with the low-hanging fruit with humans as supplemental workforce. Over time, more and more of the tacit knowledge gets embedded into the machine. In some cases it may reach an asymptotic curve where humans continue on forever. But in many, if not most, the machine learning curve will eventually learn the edge cases.

  5. Gideon Rosenblatt — Right. And in this era of growing competence in AI, these inflection-points are likely to be reached sooner.

  6. Kind of reminds me of John Henry chiseling his way through a mountain next to a steam engine. He lost as well…

  7. Hmmm … I think John Brown’s body pretty much lies moldering in the ground. I think you want John Henry, who was a steel-drivin’ man. Lord, Lord.

  8. And don’t forget Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. His steam shovel is now the central heating system for town hall. – Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel – Wikipedia

  9. Let the machine do the heavy work and the human do design and detail work.

  10. amazing technology

  11. we all are impresed

  12. 1 zid pa 2 dni nastavljanje stroja

  13. Awesome it’s coming AI systems connected to the network building structures like this Robot is. They will eventually use 3d printing like technology to build stuff.

    Much Love đź’™

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