The Secret Sauces of Humanity

The Secret Sauces of Humanity

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The Secret Sauces of Humanity

Love is what will always differentiate us from AI. Narrow AI has no self awareness, emotions, or a “heart.” Narrow AI has no sense of beauty, fun, or humor. It doesn’t even have feelings or self-consciousness. Can you imagine the ecstasy that comes from beating a world champion? AlphaGo bested the globe’s best player, but took no pleasure in the game, felt no happiness from winning, and had no desire to hug a loved one after its victory.


  1. Kinda skimmed through, looks like yet another appeal to ineffable human essence without any actual evidence or sound reasoning.

  2. “General AI isn’t here. There are simply no known engineering algorithms for it. And I don’t expect to see them any time soon. “

    That’s his whole argument – we don’t know how to do it now and we aren’t even close. Which is true, by itself, but overlooks that there is only a 10-20 year difference in hardware resources required to build an AI with similar processing power to the human brain, and to simply simulate an entire human brain at the biochemical level, without having to understand how a human brain generates general intelligence.

    It’s plausible that narrow AI eliminating half of human jobs is this generation’s problem, and general AI will be the next generation’s problem. We just don’t have much evidence for what the lower threshold of general intelligence is, nor how much research it will take to find out.

  3. Hi !!! Gideon Rosenblatt​​​​

    The Magic KeyWords …

    “The Secret Sauces” :

    A Wise Italian Friend …

    Once told me The #SecretSauce is Yesterdays sauces all mixed together !!!

    #AI is Only as Good as it’s Parts !!! If FaceBook parts are Added … Contamination sets in …

    Happy October MyFriend

  4. 😄😄😄😄😄Youto

  5. Gideon Rosenblatt I read an article that George Station posted. It seems we are, as humans, less feeling than the AI that is being produced

    Which shall we improve first? This is a serious subject on either side of the behavior we exhibit now!! – San Francisco: now with more dystopia

  6. That actually describes quite a few “humans” that I know… no heart, no sense of humor, no empathy.

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