The sad, sad story of how the CEO of Sears is killing this American institution.

The sad, sad story of how the CEO of Sears is killing this American institution.

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The sad, sad story of how the CEO of Sears is killing this American institution.


  1. Good read.

  2. Thanks Gideon Rosenblatt​​

    For sharing this on Google +

    So True … Sears Started dieing in the mid 80 … CEO after CEO drove a nail into an American Retail ICON with shear arrogance … Then bring on The Wall Street “Cheaters” …

    The Banking Laws soften …

    Putting Banks and Brokers together …

    The Cancer just Continues to Grow !!!

    By and by : A Hugh So-called Food Retailer in Austin is copying the same avenue … Team Members etc

  3. Failure to adapt and risk aversion. Always happens to dinosaurs.

  4. Lampert is a strong contender for Worst CEO in USA.

  5. Man that’s sad

  6. Related story: Montgomery Ward.

    I thought it had died in the 1980s, but it actually managed to survive, for some value of “survive”, until 2001.

    There’s now an online vendor with the same name, but that’s a new and different business. – Montgomery Ward – Wikipedia

  7. K-Mart is going the same way.

  8. I hope that a year or so from now we won’t see a post from you titled – “The sad, sad story of how the president of the USA is killing this American nation. “

    Cause that’s the first thing that popped into my mind when I read this…

  9. Yifat Cohen Because this is what you get when people with huge egos get put into a position that requires some intelligence and understanding of the “industry”.

  10. I’m not going to argue against the big ego thing,

    but more telling is the fact that it’s just an example of how hierarchy breeds insularity…another example of Robert Anton Wilson’s ‘SNAFU effect’:

  11. Fodder for the concept that it wasn’t being an asshole that made Jobs successful at what he did.  Here’s another strong-willed personality being an asshole and it’s spiking a well established, successful company.

  12. Lampert is a big fan of Ayn Rand. The way he pits his employees against each other has been discussed in other articles. here is a slug from one of many : An outspoken advocate of free-market economics and fan of the novelist Ayn Rand, he created the model because he expected the invisible hand of the market to drive better results. If the company’s leaders were told to act selfishly, he argued, they would run their divisions in a rational manner, boosting overall performance.

  13. Darius Gabriel Black K-Mart is owned by Sears so, yes, the same way.

  14. What do you need from Sears that you can’t get from Amazon, Costco or Target?

  15. Having worked for Sears, it going under had nothing to to with who’s president, and everything to do with the economy. Sears always relied on a strong, repeat customer base. You certainly paid more at Sears than you did at other chain stores, but what they provided was service. If you bought a fridge at sears, and 6 years later, you didn’t want it, Sears would replace it with a new one at the original market price. But the old customer base is quickly dying out as fast as Sears is. It’s already closing stores, just like The Hudson’s Bay Company, the oldest business in Canada. Both will soon fall victim to the Walmarts of the world. Where the only thing american are some of its workers.

  16. Darius Gabriel Black For Walmart and Amazon, at least, union-friendly workplace. – Big Win in West…Sears Service Workers Vote IBEW

    Costco is unionised in part:

    Target is not:

    Walmart most definitely is not. They closed their entire Canadian butcher operation to avoid unionisation.

    Amazon is not, and Bezos is an asshole to boot.

  17. The more I learn about Cosctco, Edward Morbius, the more impressed I am. They treat their people well.

  18. That’s an interesting point, David Ripley. My wife and I still use Sears to service our washer/dryer. That said, just a few weeks ago when we tried to buy a new dishwasher from them, they had inventory management issues and complexities that where a real turn-off – internal process getting in the way of serving customers.

    So, yes, the company has a lot of macro things going against it. But having bad management on top of that knocks out any chances of survival, which is sad to see for such an American institution.

  19. I was a strong, repeat customer of Sears. We went there for tools, clothing, shoes, electronics, just like we did when I was a kid. Then the workers became indifferent, the checkout lines long and the prices too much. The last straw was arguing with them to honor a warranty on a water heater. I haven’t been back in more than 15 years.

    The article paints a picture of a CEO using Sears as a real estate scheme. He kills the company and gets a bunch of real estate for his own interests. Where is the board of directors on this?

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