The Race for AI Militarization

The Race for AI Militarization

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The Race for AI Militarization

This is a frightening look at the accelerating race between China, Russia and the US in militarizing the race for dominance in artificial intelligence. One of the key things to focus on here are the thresholds for decision automation. AI systems could give tremendous strategic advantage in the speed of decision making, making it extraordinarily tempting to shortcircuit human intervention. Protocols around the handoff of decision making to automated systems should be the focus of new arms talks, but the inherent challenges of verification will make for difficult terrain.


  1. Interesting … Just Think It … “AI” Embellish it and shifts out trash …

    Thanks Gideon Rosenblatt

  2. Perhaps this is where the Robots Kill Us Off and then have nothing left to do….

  3. You may be interested in The Modern Mercenary – Robot Check Gideon Rosenblatt

  4. It’s good idea but for some times it need more caring

  5. Well, AI only proves how much a human mind can do, how far it can go. However, mishandling of this talent can be detrimental not only to the society where this gift would be introduced, but also to the one who carries and executes the talent himself.

  6. ping Denis Poussart

  7. Yes, I’ve noticed in my own life, that there are times when a man can become so lonely that he can become involved with machines, one example being the electronic voice used by big companies to deal with incoming calls and other duties usually handled by human operators; and the mainframe computers seem to be so much the “big thing” these days, that they seem sometimes to have “taken over.” It’s wonderful to have the training, the time, and the programming equipment and storage space to become enabled enough work with computers and technical devices. Really.

  8. Technical era for A.I more to cum….

  9. We already won.

    Thanks for the post.

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