The Next Step in Emoticons

The Next Step in Emoticons

Some of you may be familiar with the game, Destiny. I know I am. Not because I actually play it myself, but because I hear screams of triumph and frustration occasionally break through from the basement, where my son plays.

So, something interesting happened on Destiny over the last couple days: they just released a set of some 18 “emotes”, which are essentially pre-canned body language processes that can be mapped to your character, and used whenever you feel the urge to communicate with just that little bit of extra something.

With emotes, you can dance the Charleston, give someone a sardonic slow clap of disapproval, shrink in fear, or strike the Neo pose from The Matrix (which I think is actually a Bruce Lee pose, right?). The attached video shows the movements starting at minute 1:57 so you can check them out for yourself. You can also watch from the start of the video to learn more about how the commerce behind these new features actually works because it’s kind of interesting. Nope, they’re not free. 

What’s interesting about these poses is, in fact, that they cost money. The response from users seems to be quite positive so far, and if this really takes off it’s just one more indication of just how important it is for human beings to be able to express themselves – even if that’s in an online game, and it costs money, oh, and you’re limited to the same 18 expressions as others. 

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