The Future of Intelligence is Still Collective

The Future of Intelligence is Still Collective

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The Future of Intelligence is Still Collective

This isn’t actually an article about Larry Page. I just lean on him to make the point that, if we reach a Singularity, it’s unlikely to concentrate itself in some individual form — you know, like we see in the movies. Instead, it is likely to be an extension of the same kinds of collective intelligence we see in machine learning today.

Oh, and organizations are going to continue to play a critical role in developing the cutting edge of planetary intelligence.

Feel free to agree, disagree or offer insights in between.


  1. With the possibility of Quantum computing, a singularity could theoretically exist in all its nodes at one time.

  2. John Lewis, I feel like quantum computing is something that I still can’t get my head around. Have you read any good pieces that outline its implications?

  3. Gideon Rosenblatt Not “good” pieces, no. I have read several pieces but mostly nothing that’s suggested it’s past the theory stage yet.

  4. There is no doubt in my mind that it will be a single person who figures out AGI: a maverick, the rebellious lone wolf type. Intelligence is too counterintuitive to come from the mainstream. They are all stuck in their little echo chambers.

  5. John Lewis, I’ll try to remember to let you know if I run into anything illuminating on the quantum computing front. Please do the same.

  6. Gideon Rosenblatt See my colllection “Three Game Changers”

  7. John Lewis + Algorithms have taken me beyond the wall, all of you seem to stuck at. Sorry to hear your dilemma’s have closed the door. Keep listening and reading, I have solved all of this for you and it is forthcoming!!!

  8. Organizations are political beasts. They are forced to conform to cultural and legal expectations. That is one reason I am not quite as worried about the negative scenarios for artificial intelligence. The organizations behind it will be forced to restrain it consistent with political norms.

  9. Benjamin Wright And if the organization is, oh I don’t know, insurgent or terrorist in nature?

  10. Exactly. This is what I refer to as the “code beneath the code”, Benjamin Wright.

    And while to John Lewis’ point, it’s hard to imagine a terrorist network having the resources to wield something like that today, as machine learning becomes more commodified, which it inevitably will, that’s not likely to be an impenetrable gap.

    More to the point though, as a society, we seem to do a pretty lousy job of keeping corporations in line.

  11. Gideon Rosenblatt There are hobby coders making almost AlphaGo level programs, beating pro Go players using open source APIs for Machine Learning.

    This would have been Science Fiction even 5 years ago. (Currently it’s 2018)

  12. Would love pointers to that, John Lewis. Not denying it – I just haven’t run across those stories…

  13. Gideon Rosenblatt Here is a professional youtube Go player, playing a game with a relatively new program that uses TensorFlow. – A Game with AQ – Haylee’s Live Go 154

    She doesn’t lose often. The software is open source. []

  14. Thanks, John Lewis.

  15. Gideon Rosenblatt how to learn AI basic,please share if any

  16. One of the best articles

  17. Gideon Rosenblatt I respectfully disagree society has a hard time keeping corporations in line. Very few corporations openly support ISIS or sex trafficking or child porn or genocide or slavery. In the West, very few corporations openly support homophobia (as an example). Corporations really do have to live within social norms, though society can have disagreements on things like fossil fuels.

  18. John Lewis I acknowledge there always will be rogue organizations like ISIS or KKK or Anonymous or North Korea. And they can employ AI in dangerous ways. But they aren’t the norm. And they attract a lot of resistance.

  19. Benjamin Wright What is the power of an AI? It’s certainly, soon, going to dwarf a human intellect and then what? Will it be better at killing people than humans? Will it make decisions about how to terrorize better than humans? Can it destabilize governments better than humans? My assumption is that yes, at some point, it will be better than humans at this. And certainly isolated hermits have, in the past, used technical knowledge to spread terror. The unibomber used his skills to create very creative bombs.

    What if I didn’t need to be as good at metal work as the unibomber? What if I just needed to boot up a computer and have it think for me? What mayhem is leveraged by the small group them? What agenda can you put an AI to work on that will then change the world, and this is important, because it’s being used by such a small and hard to locate group?

    No. I fear the smallest of them the most. I fear the isolationists and the hermit the most. With the power of AI, they could create mayhem on a scale yet unseen.

  20. Benjamin Wright, supporting ISIS or human trafficking is a fairly low bar. Think about the tremendous influence that corporations maintain over the laws of the land via the influence peddled through K Street and through campaign contributions. Modern politics in the US is increasingly difficult to disentangle from the world of business.

  21. I figured that myself but I’m sure time is of the essence over learned from experience that nothing last forever

  22. Louis Savain “They are all stuck in their little echo chambers.” indeed. i just think it’s a coin toss right now if it’s coming from an geek in their solo computer coding on the beach or a group of people taking about it over pizza and figuring out the last piece of a breakthrough… i just happen to agree if it does happen sooner, then it will probably be from some einstein. and even if we never had e=mc from one mythical guy, it would come sooner or later in some format. above all, it doesn’t really matter unless someone starts taking bets on it.

  23. Here’s the intersection of “artificial intelligence” and “keeping companies in line”:

    Google will teach the hunter-killers how to autonomously track, categorize, and eliminate targets. Google already specializes in the first two, having trained their AI on us. The last is a trivial addition. – Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones

  24. It’s amazing how things happen but I’ve throughout my experiences to always be open minded but at this point in time and open mind is the last thing I need

  25. Louis Savain Yes. It’s me. I literally have every #AI #robotics breakthrough from 2 years worth of data. I am currently building a #vitrual #AI #robotics #lab on g+, LinkedIn . I am the #Singularity #Einstein

  26. caue rego U as well as Louis Savain must be prophets, Since I am indeed the lone wolf maverick, who is currently putting the #Singularity #puzzle together here on g+, as well as on LinkedIn . I have gathered 2 years worth of data regarding all #AI #robotics breakthroughs and am building a virtual #lab for all to witness history!

    Thanks !

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