The Difference between Knowledge Work and Information Work

The Difference between Knowledge Work and Information Work

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The Difference between Knowledge Work and Information Work

An information worker is akin to workers hired to manually go through and pick tomatoes. The crop by itself has value, but the value can be increased substantially when a knowledge worker combines a variety of resources along with their skills to produce something more valuable.



  1. We analyze data to extract information. We analyze information to extract knowledge. You have referred to this as a human activity. AI could push this frontier, and soon many of these may become machine activity.

    Human knowledge activity is based on learning to reason what we find, and the understanding so gained helps problem solving. But current AI is a black box approach, and hence difficult to comprehend. So to that extent problem solving with the help of AI generated knowledge may be difficult. A key requirement for progress may be to make AI generated knowledge more comprehensible.

    As we progress with a lot of machine generated knowledge, we may have to focus on meta knowledge generating that knowledge.

  2. Interesting truth

  3. Quit interesting truth

  4. Sowmyan Tirumurti yes, in fact I stumbled onto this while researching a piece while writing on Robotic Process Automation. Abstractions built up abstractions.

  5. Yes axactely..Its truth!

  6. Knowledge is lern something . Work is activities.

  7. Very nice… Yes you are right sir…

  8. More of, ‘information aids knowledge’. That is knowledge could rely on information to yield a more sublime outcome.

  9. knowledge makes my life confident and my love shown starting from myself flowing to siblings and out to the community.. thanks

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