The Coming Era of the Virtual Personal Assistant

The Coming Era of the Virtual Personal Assistant

I believe we are on the cusp of another hugely significant shift in the way we use computing and communications power. The Virtual Personal Assistant will be the leading edge through with artificial intelligence has its greatest impact on most of us. 

To that end, I see six building-block technologies that are now coming together to create truly marvelous Virtual Personal Assistant (VPS) solutions: 

1. Natural Language Processing

2. Interest Graphs

3. Emotional Intelligence

4. Sensory Integration

5. Social Graph

6. Schema-based Integration

This is the story of how all these technologies are likely to come together and how it will be today’s biggest players who have the best shot (because of “winner-take-all” network effects). I close with some wondering about how this could take us to human-like artificial intelligence. 

And yes, I had a little fun with the drawings for this piece (hey if “Wait But Why” can do it with stick figures, why not?)

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